What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?



They’re actually supposed to be in the second Hellblade game. I knew them before that because of my best friend. They absolutely belong there and deserve recognition, and the first game deserves all of its praise.

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Viola is superior. Fight me.

Love the video

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The translation in the English version is good but I prefer the Italian version.

Presto che non resisto
Italo disco, scusa se insisto
Hurry, I can’t resist,
Italodisco, sorry if I insist

I’ll add this Swedish classic too.

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I’m a sucker for bands with non-traditional band setups (guitar, bass, drums).

Just stumbled upon these guys.

Classic, but not well known about the setup. Basitar and guitbass (bass with two guitar strings and guitarr with three bass strings).

Punk band with xylophone.

Guitar and drums.

Not really non-traditional but I like them so I’ll add them anyway. They’re non-traditional in that way that it’s the bass player who plays the majority of everything except the drums.

The reverse. There’s no bass, there’s only Jack White.

…and Bob Log III. He plays guitar and drums at the same time.

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How do you piss a music lover elitist off?
Play them God.
[link to a 2 and half hour video that is non-existent of Leopold Godowsky’s complete study of Chopin’s Etudes, the majority of which is left hand only]

heard this on Mang0’s stream

Hipa Hipa
The official music of the Human Intelegence Protection Act :slight_smile:

Try slowing down this song to 60% so it’s now near 60%

Outkast - E.T.

Found this while watching breaking bad clips

Was totally not expecting to stumble across a link to that artist here… Cerulean is definitely a surprise find! The next time his discography goes on sell I’m all in.

Speaking of artists I didn’t expect to hear from again, Chicane is back. A few of his remixed tracks off his new remix album are in this one.

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