What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?

Made me think of this. Not really similar :slight_smile:

Something else I just found

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yeah, but ikwym :slight_smile:

I first heard this song after I came back from my extremely short visit to Berlin. But in those few days, I fell in love with the city and the vibe it offered. In an ideal scenario, I’d move there in an instant.

The other two are just great songs that I’ve listened to today and vibed with.

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The Hives has always been super extreme cocky. Here’s their comment to the new video.

“We left the throne for a decade just to prove that we could. No one sat on it, so we did, again. If you are feeling like you are number one, get ready to be number two because we are back! It feels good to have the electricity coursing through our veins once again. All synapses firing in all directions. The unfamiliar combination of words The Hives and New Album finally together again in a way that makes sense and rings true. The initial test results are in, confirmed and through the roof!!!”

B52s are making a not-so quiet exit, from the touring n’ such, by residing at the Venitian

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I mean, I could get into the glitter and the glam of the Eurovision song contest, if the music didn’t suck. But once every ten years or so there’s a band or musician that don’t duck. I really liked Icelandic Daði Freyr.

honestly if your looking for something out there sail awolnation by meute is a must list to on these early morning drive degradation days

Oh wow! Someone found the originals of a couple of Claus Nomi videos? I think early 80s was a brilliant time for music because there were still a bit of the punk idea of anything could be done, but not as much cocaine and money in the music business as in the second half of 80s and early 90s.

Klaus Nomi was a German little countertenor elfkin living in the US dressing in kabuki style of clothes and doing country opera new wave.

This is such an utterly awesome performance.

Was watching uk version of kitchen nightmares. These were two tracks that sounded good enough to shazam

Is Funk Friday a thing? I feel like it should be a thing.

I’m glad someone made a cover of this song that I don’t have to be ashamed to admit I like. (Like the original.)

An agbada is a robe that are sometimes worn by politicians in Nigeria and West Africa. So, a criminal in a suit.