What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?

In fact, they used it in the pilot. I agree that it would have been a fitting end to come full circle.

Robin Skouteris does great mashups

But no one beats DJ Cummerbund

Paul Van Dyk - Tomorrowland

Found stereo love from this meme

Pop, and I’m fascinated by the way she uses vibrato.

Found this from a meme

This specific meme

Found this from a meme

Specifically this

Another one

Surprisingly YouTube search autocomplete had it when I had the clip open

Was looking for this meme song

Found it from

Also found this looking for the source from a meme timestamped

From this meme

You spend to much time with memes!

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Great time killer while at home, work, and school.

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Tonight I’m more in the mood for some modern oldschool oi.

She reminds me of Lykke Li. Sylvan Esso, maybe? :thinking:

Another meme song


Gotta look into the suggestions here

Bomberman music is what tagg used a lot for his videos. Seems like a good genre to play while working

Found this

From Better Call Saul theme

Apparently Tool’s guitar tech can make some decent darkwave…