What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?

my preorder of the special edition (artemis version 2LP) of Aurora’s ‘In gods we touch’ arrived. So that makes 5 LP’s and no vinyl player lol but i have the CD version as well

currently listening to: " Giving In To The Love"

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I had no idea she released a new album this year.

Bought the CD. Thanks for the heads up.

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you’re welcome : )

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Steely Dan Katy Lied 1975

First album of the new studio-only version of Steely Dan.

Steely Katy Lied

Yes, fall down the Gizz hole.

Meanwhile, been back on Yello.

Boris and Dieter are in their 70s and still going strong.


Enigma has a few great tunes…

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Under appreciated album. End of the Trevor Rabin era, but I feel he really gave it a great effort.

I recently discovered “8D” music not too long ago. I don’t like the term, and most of it I find they ruined the original. Sometimes tho, it goes to another level. I would have posted One as I consider that the best showcase, but that’s Metallica, so metal I’m pretty sure.