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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?




Decided to try and give more people’s music a listen from here but at times I was worried about playing it cuz of what the upstairs tenants might think if it was nutso material. LOL! Anyway this here is it something you put together? My brother’s friend, Poo, who is a musician has always said for me to write music as I guess therapy. Putting words to this would be interesting but I am a procrastinator so I don’t expect to do so and well also just cuz one has loads of material for songs doesn’t mean they can song write. LOL! Anyway …


Sure that Spose mentioned this guy in his music. Is Aesop Rock from Maine? Anyway listening to it damn yeah it reminds me of that amazing talent that Spose has.



This is a great video



Brand new single from Picturesque. :ok_hand:



Zero7 - In Time


I love the drone at the beginning.


Guess I’ll give this a whirl.


High quality blues song.

I think it sounds like a different and better file in YT music.




boomer music




Beautiful music (not even joking)


Does Tool count as non-metal?