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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?














Just found this duo:

There seems to be a resurgence of really awesome rock lately, with Royal Blood, Dorothy, Bryce Fox, etc. It’s an awesome time we’re living in.


Since the mp3 switch from CD’s I got so many songs. GB’s of them. I dont listen to radio. Haven’t for years. So I listen to a library of saved music on my devices and I dont think I have heard a new song in years.


But what are you listening to right now?


Command Line Hero’s . Since ditching tech tubers…While on my PC I have started listening to podcasts. This is sucking cause every linux podcast player I have tried. Does not remember where you left off.

I dont tend to listen to music when on the PC. Not sure why. Perhaps I expect to learn when using a computer.


I’ve got a very similar library. Probably 500GB of FLAC, but I still listen to spotify once in a while because of their curated playlists of up and coming artists. Helps me stay up to date on what all the kids are listening to these days. :smiley:


mpv --save-position-on-quit=yes

done and dusted


This is kinda my go to playlist atm.
Edit: This one too.


I guess listening to 'Command line hero’s" as a podcast I should expect that :slight_smile:

Just need to keep the podcast updated and clear the mpv cache every once and while before it fills up with clips


There’s so many different ways you can setup retrieve and listen.
With mpv you can use mpv --list-options
Then it all depends on how you pull the content down and store it. Hooks and such.