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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?



The pipe organ is truly an awesome instrument. I've always found it amazing in many respects. The sheer power of the thing, especially when it goes to deeper notes. Also the technique and coordination required by the musician, with all those keyboards and knobs and pedals.



knock knock knockin on ehhhhh why bother this is lulzy as fuck.





...yeah RIP


I was excited to hear this but then saw it was a DJ mix. Devistated by what I heard :weary:

PS. Don't mind me; I keep living in the past. :slight_smile:


Today was the first day my parents heard me curse, I think seeing this on the news was a valid reason though.


I heard this on FARGO.
I had forgotten how much we loved this as kids. But I couldn't find the Peter Ustinov version.

This one sorta tagged along for the ride.
I recently found that Classical when I can watch the orchestra is good self-soothing relaxation therapy for my bi-polar.







The first time I heard this was on 'The Simpsons'. Bart was 'chasing' his cool new girlfriend on a skateboard.


That is a classic album, but this is my favorite track.



Funny, I was just listening to Eve of Destruction