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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?










Two songs by Gnags seems to go on the playlist more often these days.


That band Gnags has really covered loads of stuff. Listening to a bit here since you put them up. From ska to reggae to love ballads and cheesy 80's songs. Still my favourite so far is De Vilde Kaniner.

I wish I could understand them though (I mean I wish I could speak Danish). :slight_smile:



Yes, De Vilde Kaniner is their biggest hit I think. I can easily translate a couple of songs for you if you'd like :slight_smile:


I can look up lyrics and get an approximate translatation but iIt isn't the same. It kinda stops me from further discovering bands more naturally. I think this is just the spoilt nature of native english speakers. Well it is for me. :frowning:

Cheers though!



That's what my Irish and all my British friends tell me too. It really becomes apparent when you go abroad (like my friends have) that you can get by, sure, but you can never really get beneath the skin of a culture without at least some understanding of the native language.

By the way, here is another (reggae) band from Denmark, which you might have heard of.

And two of their other well known songs are High Society Girl and Elevator Boy, not as well known as the above one though. Fun fact, they often have a dude running around doing silly stuff on stage. This dude did this randomly at one of their concerts and they thought it was so funny they hired him.


Completely agree. I always bring a phrase book with me and do my best to speak/learn as much as I can while I'm in non english speaking countries. Songs are very difficult to pick up on and tend to be more complex in language as well.

Although for some songs it doesn't even matter. I came across this Hungarian song from the game "This War is Mine" - Omega - Gyöngyhajú lány (The Girl With The Pearl's Hair)

Same with Edith Piaf, my french is atrocious but I still love listening to her.


Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child)

Can't stop the funk.


I like this Hungarian song! Going to ask my Hungarian friend if she know it. Oh yes, Edith Piaf is fantastic. Myself and my sisters husband have a fascination with classic songs in line with sort of a French and Italian tradition, mostly by female vocalists. I got inspired to trawl though my favourites list and find some artists you might like, even though it's mostly a shot in the dark.

I like pretty much everything with Marie Laforêt, for example this one.

Another of her songs with the same atmosphere is Aux Marches du Palais and Je Voudrais Tant Que Tu Comprennes. She has also made tracks with more go in them, for example D'Être á Vous, Sur le chemin des Andes (El condor pasa) and Marie Douceur/Marie Colere, a rendition of a famous Rolling Stones song. Check it out if you like.

If you have a soft spot for French, check out Jacques Brel, though he is more "Folk", perhaps apart from the song underneath here. He was Belgian (Flemish if my memory serves me right) and if you are to believe my old French teacher, drew even bigger crowds than Edith Piaf back in the day.

Of course there is also Serge Gainsbourg, but everyone knows him I think.

I'll just throw this in here too, from my sister language - Swedish, just because it is a good song hehe.


I'm loving all of these. Don't be afraid to post more songs like these in the future. I'll listen to them anyway. I didn't know any of them.

The Cornelis Vreeswijk song is fantastic too. Came across this one as well.


Again ignorant English speaker here. :smile:


Hah, so my Hungarian friend said she does know the song, and that Kanye once got sued because he had borrowed a bit too much from it.

Alright, will do!

Oh I didn't even know that Cornelis song, ti's quite good! He is very much a story teller in his lyrics. While a band like Gnags deals with more abstact concepts like society and sometimes write quite cryptic lyrics, Cornelis tells a story about a person in some situation, love, death, unhappy marriage, typical marriage etc, and really paints a vivid picture of the persona we are told a story about. BTW I think one of his most popular songs is the one called Cecilia Lind.

Regarding Serge Gainsbourg, you probably know the one he made with Jane Birkin called Je T'aime (fun fact: which is not about love, but lust).