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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?



Well, there's this:




Oh nice and upbeat. Good stuff, I did get to see this live once, fun.


Who Imelda May or Peter Gabriel?


Imelda May. Yeah the reply jumps to the right post. I did also get to see Peter Gabriel too and that was something else, amazing.

On that note:

Oh this too, so helpful for bad moods.



Let's dance naked under the pale moonlight. Let the weirdness flow.




and my personal favourite due to the beginning part that can get stuck in your head:


So I'm guessing this is your stuff dude? If not you sure post alot of this guy's stuff. Watching High Strung right now. It's like on some other wavelength maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


There is a load of music I like.


Yeah cool man, I just thought that was you since from what I've seen you post that guys stuff alot.



Me, playing an instrument?
The maximum I can handle is a a computer keyboard.


battlefield vietnam memories


"Neophyte" - Circle of Dust


"Femme Fatale" - Perturbator