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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?

I’ve been coming across these guys on YT this year. Not as keen on them as i was Mumford and sones, but still really good

The Dead South:

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I guess they have been going a couple of years, but I only recently came across them.
I’m not into poetry, but their songs kinda resonate, despite not quite rhyming or whatever

intrumental and some of the lyrics has been stuck my head

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Its beginning to rain over here, the song feels so fitting.

“Nostalgic for a future that never arrived.”

I’m just sad that we don’t see beoynd our differences and start expanding in to the stars. Maybe the the great filter event is all we deserve in the end.

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This wouldn’t be nearly as good if he wasn’t in it there at the end.

Amon Tobin’s first pseudonym, Cujo.

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This song by Amon Tobin, which doesn’t seem to be available on any streaming service, while the rest of the album is.

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Guess we will find out

Also an ahoy video

Last one is the best
For those who have never experienced a ahoy video

This guy’s voice, music, and presentation can make a steel chair sound deadly

To me still one of the most beautiful ways to use modern technology in music.


Something choral and calm:

And the opposite: