What are you currently listening to (Holiday edition)?

Julien Neel's channel has a lot of nice ones.

This is my favorite version of my favorite carol.

This one is just for Joy.

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I do not listen to christmas music.

For a whole month, 8-hours a day, I am subjected to it at work.

Whenever I clock in, I feel like Dante descending into the depths of my own personal hell.


Here's a magical Christmas playlist I'm working on . . .

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This is pretty much the only Christmas music I intentionally listen to every year. Straight no Chaser is also not bad, and Mannheim Steamroller is the classic Christmas day music.

it's that special time of year that we set aside our petty differences, come together and remember who the real problem is. those damn decorating caroling life lovers

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Fuck all of this shit. You should be ashamed...wait a sec

Just a christmas classic :D

Honestly I can't get over how good the Lindemann album is. Otherwise just any good industrial I can find, I hate holiday music, mostly.

This is especially relevant for those with december birthdays :D

Here's a great live version too

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This is an amazing version of my favorite Carol of the Bells on piano.
At first I wasn't into it but I felt like it be a crime to turn it off. Glad I didn't!

I started this thread and my birthday was on Christmas Sunday, IRL!
Every though I may be the second coming of Christ. JK ;)
i'm not special enough for my comment on how much i love this to matter.

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Carol of the Bells sung by the GLaDOS choir.

I've given it a few listens and so far the only songs I can get into are Yukon and That's My Heart.

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