What are the strong suits for the i5 and the 8350?

Just like the title says. I was kind of hoping that the new cpu battle video would declare a clear victor but now it seems that the processors are pretty close. So what are the strong suits for each processor? I was thinkinking about the fx 8350 but the main thing that keeps from from doing that is i have a 750w psu picked out and i don t think that would be enough if i wanted to OC the amd cpu that and i would want a better cooler than the hyper 212 evo for the overclocking the 8350.


If you have single graphics card (even dual-GPU cards; though a 7990 would be very tight), and provided it's a high quality PSU, 750w is fine even after overclocking. If you have SLI/Crossfire, then it's a different story.

With intel, the best things I can think of are synthetic speed (does well in benchmarks), productivity, power consumption under load, power consumption when OC'd, and overclockibility.

With AMD, faster gaming when GPU is loaded, great multi-threaded performance, overclockibility, value. You really can't go wrong with either. I have a 2500k, and am very happy with it, but I really want an 8350, but not worth the upgrade since I can't even fully utilize it at 4.5GHz.

Personally, I'd go 8350. The platform is a little cheaper, and the AM3+ socket probably has at least one more CPU generation, potentially more as historically, there has been campitibility overlap between current and new sockets with AMD, where as 1155 is a dead socket.

8350 has the Edge in rendering and Multi Threaded tasks, the i5 Oc's Better (at the same OC it beats the 8350) but you need good cooling, and it sips less power while doing so. The big one is the 8350 is cheaper (but as you pointed out and most people forget) is that you may need a bigger power supply, electricity costs dont really matter but needing another 100w in your PSU will definitley cost you.

anything that isnt multi threaded the i5 wins in, the other thing it has to its advantage when it comes to rendering is memory bandwidth, which it definitley has an edge over the 8350 although a lot of people seem to overlook this.

i personally choose the i5 because i know forsure that no matter how a program is written it will be able to take full advantage of my cpu, which with the 8350 some might not but when the 8350 can utilize all of its cores at maximum potential it will beat the i5 a good chunk of the time. so both of them are about the same, they trade blows in areas where everyone says one dominates the other, but if you play to overclock a good bit the i5 comes out on top IMO. No matter what youll end up with a good processor.

i personally choose the i5 because i know forsure that no matter how a program is written it will be able to take full advantage of my cpu, which with the 8350 some might not but when the 8350 can utilize all of its cores at maximum potential it will beat the i5 a good chunk of the time.

What does this mean exactly?

He means that Core i5 4 cores are easier to utilize than the FX's 8 cores, and no matter how badly the program is written, the core i5 will be faster due to faster single-threaded performance; you need a well-written threaded program to fully utilize the FX's 8 cores.

At least that's what I gather from it.

The single core performance of the i5 is well above the 8350, especially overclocked, so if a program only uses 4 cores, it can utilize 100% of the i5's Processing power, while the 8350 would have 4 cores sitting there not really contributing to the task the CPU has, this is also true in games where say it can only utilize 2 cores, the i5's 2 strong cores will  put it at 50% of its total processing power available (assuming its at 100%) while the 8350 will only be at 25% as it will have 6 unused cores, although its not as black and white as im explaning it, you should get the just of it.

Exactly what i was getting at.

Before logan pointed out that the 8350 was a viable for gaming i felt much better about the cpu i had picked out. Now im anxious that i could pick the wrong one. With the i5 it really seems the way to go but the 8350 is pretty close performance wise but it is a power hog that doubles its power consumption when you overclock it although it does have at least a potential upgrade path assuming amd gets its act together and doesnt have another less than stellar processor.

In the real world amd 8350 is equil to the i5 3570k.

i have been playing around with the i5 and it seems to have the same fps as the 8350.

the 8350 has better multi treating so ill have to say the 8350 is better allround.

Jesus... It's JUST a CPU! Don't be so anxious! If you pick one of the two you're talking about, you'll like either one they are so similar! I personally have the 8350, it's fine! Next time I'll probably do an Intel build just to be different!

Take a deep breath.

He asks for help thats all.

Well, you can't go wrong either way. I doubt AMD will flop on the CPU (though I suspect Bulldozer isn't as bad as people say), as Steamroller and Excavator will use the same basic architecture as Piledriver and Bulldozer; each generation is a refinement. Logan pointed out in the second video that power consumption isn't that big of a deal unless you're paying a lot for power. If you really want to crank the clockspeeds and you pay more for power, then I'd suggest Intel, otherwise AMD for value, and platform.


id go with the 8350 just cause the red and black collours on the box are way cooler...

I'm not sure who told my name was jesus but i can assure its not. I realize im making more of it than it is but at the same time the cpu dictates what motherboard i can get as well as the ram and how my power i will need.

Or i could get the 3570k that runs way cooler?

I have the same problem, I don't know which CPU to get (If only it was as easy as choosing GPU's). One thing that really bothered me was the mobo for each. Let's say you have less than 150 bucks for a mobo. The AM3 (AMD) mobo's have way more sata 3.0 ports than the 1155 (Intel) mobo's however the 1155 mobos have PCI-E 3.0. It really depends on what you're gonna do with your pc. 

AMD FX 8350:  Cheaper, Great for multi thread applications (rendering etc), good overclockablility, Good gaming performance.

Intel i5:  Brilliant single core performance, good overclocking, low power usage, top gaming performance

If your building a gaming rig and you want the best gaming performance possible then the i5 is your choice.

If your rig is for productivity with  gaming then the 8350 should be your choice.

If your rig is all about as much as possible with the least amount of $$$ then the 8350 is your choice



what motherboards are you looking at and whay cooling will you have ?

I think the main thing that brings me back to looking at the 8350 is the fact that the 1155 socket is dead and i would have an at least possible upgrade path with the AM3+ socket.

Just look at these two motherboards and compare the features.