What are the specs for this board?


It is from a Dell Cloud Server

I specifically want to know the CPUs compatible and the RAM types that can be used in it.

It came from a Dell Poweredge CS10

2x LGA 771. Capable of carrying up to 54xx series xeon.

Uses DDR2 ECC Fully Buffered RAM. Can take upto 32GB (via 4x 8GB DIMM). But can be populated with 6 DIMMs if below 32GB (eg 24GB)

Other than that standard chipset functionality of RAID 0,1,10 and JBOD on the board. Uses SATA (no SAS support)

2x Gigabit with a 3rd port above the USB for IPMI purposes.


thanks!! Anything on the RAM speeds?

Currently has PC2 5300

I believe that 6400 may have been the top. But seeing as it's a little harder to come by, I'd stick with 5300.