What are the oldest parts in your PC?

well my computer is still relatively new, the oldest bit would be one of the hard drives. a 500 gig mechanical fella from when that sounded like a really nice drive. if we speak outside of the PC it would be a Roland sound canvas SC-88 Pro which i mostly keep around for the fun of messing with it now and then.

The "LightScribe" DVD drive, TV tuner card, and 56K modem are the original components remaining in my desktop.  All from 2006.

Probably my PCI firewire card

In my PC: WD 500gb disk from around 2007.

But the oldest thing i still use on a daily basis is my mousepad from around 2004. Its basically a larger homemade glass imitation of an icemat (which were also very popular at the time, but cost twice as much). And its still as good as new, just had to repaint the bottom side because some paint peeled off over the years :)

in the PC.... D-Link / DWL-G820 / 108Mbps / 802.11g / Wireless Gaming/Ethernet Bridge  From 2006.

Oldest Peripheral... Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer... 1999

The oldest thing in my PC is a pci fax modem card from 1999, i havent taken it out just for nostalgia sake.

my oldest thing in my pc i use right now is an old samsung hard drive its almost 10 years old. gets hot as hell but is still running and

and some realy old hard drive which i sometimes still use its a quantum fireball plus ka drive its 13.6 gb its atleast 15 years old i think but i have no idea of the real date it was produced

I did put in an AMD x850 and an Audigy 1 sound card in my rig so I could play splinter cell Pandora tomorrow with correct shadows and EAX audio about a month ago.

 but the oldest thing I have hooked to my PC is a SideWinder Force Feedback Pro joystick.

Intel core 2 duo e7400. Got the PC in I think 2008. 

I installed a gtx 650 into it and use it as my "gaming" PC until I can afford to upgrade to a better CPU. 

AMD FX8350 / old WDGreen1tb but thats lives in a external hdd doc and isnt always on.

AMD FX4130...