What are the oldest parts in your PC?

The oldest parts in my PC are the disk drives. I have 2 IDE DVD-ROM burners that I will soon have to replace (or ditch) due to an upcoming motherboard upgrade. The second oldest parts are the motherboard and CPU. I'm running a Phenom II x4 955 BE oc'd to 3.7. No matter what I do, going over 3.7 makes me BSOD. Tell me, what are your oldest parts?

actually IN the pc - an old pioneer dvd reader that will not eject discs without powering off the machine

older still..... my logitech attack 3 joystick - gotta be at least 8 years old and going strong

Gtx 560 for suplimentory displays. Looks so small next to my gtx 780 classified. The 560 and 4 1tb hdds which range from 4 years to 6. Wd blacks. Their all failing but got 2 2tb and a 4tb so thats fine. Was running some ddr3 2gb sticks from when ddr3 first came out but their gone now with 2 8gb vengence pro sticks.

an old D-link wireless adapter that I found in the garage. I also found a Radeon X800 XL 256M that I'm using as a beer/coffee coaster

Sound Blaster X-FI Elite Pro in my case, bought it in 2007. Still very happy with this card, drivers for WIN7 are not perfect but sound quality still amazes me.

I have a PDI Deluxe (or Sweetspot) pci (no e!) capture card, it's at least 6 years old, from the time of CRTs.

It has to be my 500gb Seagate HDD that has been in a previous build. 

An Acer 19" 1366x768 VGA display I am using as a second monitor.

my 19 inch samsung monitor i use to display hardware stats like temp n shit.

Probably my 120 mm Scythe Gentle Typhoons... 4 or 5 years old now.

An old 200GB WD HDD I'm using as a scratch disk for Photoshop.

My ESI [email protected] soundcard. I think I own it for about 6 years now.


I did have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2, but it died.

Until a few months ago it was an ATI HDTV Wonder TV card from 2006 or so (replaced it with an external tuner/DVR).  So right now, I guess it would be the reference HD 6950.  I used it in my Q6600 rig for a month or two before I upgraded to sandybridge/ssd in early 2011.

6950s can still do some damage. My cousin has one flashed to 6970 spec.

A gtx 285

My wireless, bluetooth, dvd-rom, and a 1366 by 768 19in monitor.



My old 120gb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm that came in a PC my family bought from 2006. This old fart makes clicking noises now, but it works. I use it as a backup OS in case my main SSD for OS gets fucked up by a virus.

Lol, yeah, mines got unlocked shaders too.  She still handles most games on their highest settings on a single monitor, but I do have to tone some down to have them run smoothly.  I've more than got my money's worth out of her at this point.

If we count the speakers - Privileg A1509 or something similar, 5+1 surround from the late 2007. However my Western Digital AAKS with the amazing capacity of 160GB, bought in the late 2006 is still running in my machine. And it's doing a nice job, actually...