What are the limitations of PC DVD's? (DRM and such)

When you buy PC games on disc are you limited? Does some games require you to be connected online? Can you only install the games a number of times? Stuff like that.

I'm getting into PC gaming and I wanna know.

Are pc games even made on disc thesedays? ive been buying online so long ive forgoten what thay look like lol

My local games shops dont even buy/sell or trade pc games anylonger

Hi, I'm new here.

PC games physical market is actually DEAD for 2 main reasons:

- first: cheaper prices on digital stores; second: Abusive DRM systems who make virtually useless your copy because it needs a online activation to get able to use the game from a company that could dissapear or go bankrupt, leaving you with a useless DVD which can't be used because the developer or the third party company who sell them the DRM doesn't exist anymore.

So, nowdays, with the exception of CD Projekt games, buying physical PC games just gives you the advantage of not needing to download the entire game from a digital service.

Beside that, digital and physical are just the same. Some digital games like Bioshock, don't even have a Steam version, it's just the fucking physical version with the lovely (<--sarcasm) SecuROM.

I'll just give you some tips if you want to have the most posibly amount of your games with no limitations:

Try to buy games from (mostly for old ones) DRM-Free services (GOG;DotEmu); If you're looking to buy a indie game, try to go to the official site and search for a direct DRM-Free purchase, regulary from the Humble Store (wich most times gives you a Steam Key too), plus, it gives a big percentage to devs than Steam.

If you buy games from Steam, don't spent money in new games, just see for 1-2 year old games that goes under $15-10 on daily deals, weekly deals and seasson sales. Anyway, this is just a recommendation.

You will probably play more for less money on PC (and I'm not totaly sure if this will still remain true in a near future, console digital sales have goten more agressive, and there are the PSN Plus "free" games).

In PC there are Onlive's "Playpack bundle" and Gamefly's "pc unlimited" which are simmilar to PSN Plus.

That are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.

Sorry for my bad english.

There's reasons why I would like to go with retail games. I love collection the game boxes. Also, I'm not 18 yet, and my mom would never allow me to buy games from Steam, becuse she is retarded, and thinks that it's unsafe. Pirating games sucks. 

Can I in some way buy the disc, and then get the game over to my HDD, and then play it without the disc? Like having a digital copy of it that I got straight from the disc?

Your english is fine btw.

You can rip a *.iso file from your dvd's and back them up somewhere safe. You then need to install a software that emulates a virtual drive to mount those files in. For most games that should work though some games won't accept virtual drives as legitamate copies of the game and thus not start. Then there is always the possibility of buying retail copies and activating the serials in steam but that only works on some games like Skyrim for example where you have to do that.

Alright thanks.

How many % of games does actually accept emulated virtual drives? Alot of newer ones or just mixed? The ones that doesn't work, would there be a way to solve it? 

And also, would this work like the normal game? Would there be any errors that usually occur in pirated games? (haven't actually pirated a game just heard some stuff about, my friend does it for example)

I really can't talk about the new releases it's been so long since i went to a store to buy a game. Though i'd suspect new releases being less likeley to run off a ripped *.iso file due to new DRM covering that. I mean, one does not simply backup his purchased games to his harddrive because DvD's can't get scratched and die or anything.