What are the games that you HAVE to keep installed on your computer?

I was doing some maintenance on my PC today, getting rid of old stuff, scanning and what-not and I noticed that every time I re-install Windows or Steam I have to keep these games installed even if I don't play them that often. I was wondering if you guys had the same mentality. What games do you always keep installed on your computer?

Mine: since 2007 it's always been Crysis, then Crysis Warhead in 2008. Any elder scrolls game and I'm fairly certain that I'll always keep Deus Ex: HR installed. 

Counter Strike: Source has never been uninstalled on my PC since day 1 of having Steam installed.

Dungeons of Dredmor, whenever I can't decided what to play I usually chose this

Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress 2

Every thing I have installed now.


Every game that takes more than an hour to download. RAGE is an exeption tho. 25GB of shit - GET OFF MY HARDDRIVE!

Later I might delete some games that I do not play; BioShock, Crysis, Half Life-series, Fallout ect.

ADOM (ancient domains of mistery). i keep it on one computer and ssh into the game from other computers if i must.

Company Of Heroes Tales of Valor, Metro 2033 (hoping I will finish one day), audiosurf, skyrim,  

counter strike source,counter strike 1.6,team fortress 2,garrys mod,dota 2,starcraft 2,doom series,Half-Life 2 (best game ever IMO) and Age of Empires 3

Half life 2 deathmatch, shining force and a minimum of 1 MOBA and 1 RTS.

a couple of nintendo games and binding of isaac

  • Deus Ex 1
  • Nehrim (Oblivion total conversion)
  • maybe Skyrim... it's lasted this long
  • GTA2
  • TF 2... haven't played in a while

GTA2 sucked, in my opinion.

Audiosurf, Dungeon Siege: Legends Of Arrana, S.U.A.V.E, Doom 2, Armagetron, Bubble Bobble , Doom 3

Just Cause 2. Its one of those games perfect for pissing about in, when there's nothing else to play, Just Cause 2 wins.

audiosurf, various emulators

CS:S, TF2, Uplink, Minecraft, GMod, The Ship, and World of Tanks

DX1, Mount&Blade: Warband.. Killing floor usually gets an install eventually too, along with STALKER.

GTA: SA, S.T.A.L.K.E.R: SoC, Saints Row: The Third, Minecraft, BF2

umm, yeah bros... Wait and see if GTA 5 will follow the inspiration of SA.

Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal with the Ascension mod. So excited for  BG: EE to come out.