What Are The Dangers of a Plant-Based or Vegetarian Diet?

I dont and wont have children. Youre welcome.


The only dangers that I think come from not eating fatty meat is that over time it will cause your gallbladder to malfunction. That and some specific protein-chains you can only get from eating animals (unless you’re willing to wait 10 years for your body to figure out how to synthesize them naturally).

Since all meat-eating animals have gallbladders we were designed to eat meat; how we do so is another matter. I for one think people need to get away from beef and supplant their primary meat intake with fish. Beef takes up the most resources by far (thanks for that chart @w.meri ).

But there are a lot of plants with high amounts of fat; like avocados. I eat a lot of these. As well as certain kinds of nuts.

Do you currently engage in a vegetarian, plant-based, or vegan diet? Why?

Pain reduction and increased mobility. I have gouty arthritis that responds really well to diet-based management.

Single biggest factor in reducing gout related pain - stop drinking, especially beer.

Second biggest factor, avoid purine-rich foods, almost all of which are meat (purines being protien and all). Fungus is more closely related to animals than plants (take that, ethical vegans!), and it shows in the protien profile. I also minimize my yeast and mushroom intake, but don’t avoid them entirely.

There’s conflicting research on certain types of high-purine vegetables (asparagus, cauliflour, and spinach); anecdotally they don’t seem to bother me but most of them are things I wouldn’t make my first choice anyway, so avoiding them is a matter of preference more than anything.


The wife and I try to be pescatarian when possible. We are not strict (do this or don’t eat kinda thing) but try to steer away from meat where possible.

My interest in a plant based diet is mostly due to the sustainability aspect.
The beef industry is the most destructive one, and I don’t see how we can keep it up with the increasing population on earth.

The fact that we’ve made ourselves dependent on mass farming animals for food just points to our weakness as a species.
I see plant-based as a next logical step of our evolution, if we want to ascend to something higher than hairless apes.

Just my 2c.

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I’ve been doing keto for about 5 years and now carnivore for a year. Main reason is mental and physical health. I just can’t tolerate most plants, the less i eat of them the better i feel and more the symptoms lessen.

I don’t want to go into to much detail but this past year getting rid of a depression that lasted over 25 years is reason enough. And there are several other things that have improved.

Figure out what your body needs by experimenting.

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I seem to be having a somewhat similar experience. Now while the question of if that’s just having a better diet overall that’s having the largest impact would be a good question. Removing a number of plant based elements definitely makes a significant difference to my health.

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Nate Diaz is vegan, still a absolute beast of a UFC fighter, so it cant be that bad

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And i do very bad on plants. Generalizations don’t help, everyone is different, genes, gutbiome etc. Nutritional science is in it’s infancy and there’s a lot of shitty research people are taking for gospel.


So is his brother Nick, afaik. And Mac Danzig.

Ronda Rousey was for a while, too. Before MMA maybe. Lot of people in Combat Sports do it. One of The World’s Strongest Man competitors is as well. A few NFL players. You can find a ton of athletes that are on it, full time or off-season/post-season, whatever.

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Wife and I switched to vegetarian diet around eight years ago. In the first year, I lost 42 kg (around 1/3 of my total weight) , wife lost around a third as well. Since then, neither of us has been sick a single day. No flu, no cold, no infections, no nothing of the sort.

We mainly prepare vegan dinner for the last half year or so now, where I often fry some fish on the side. Fish, milk and cheese is the primary reason I don’t go full vegan. With vegan food, there’s no feeling bloated after a full meal, I have more energy in general, can’t say if this is related.

On occasions, at a friend’s house, I eat meats, but not pork. Pork gives me explosive diarrhea, other meats dont. I think it’s primarily because of the antibiotics pigs are pumped full of, I’m allergic to penicillin.

Friends have tried switching too, where it was mainly the wife that skipped meat, and after a month time, they stopped getting sick, infections and so on. Where the proud and strong manly man (childish idiot in my book) of the house refused, kept getting flu and so on.

Last but not least, vegetarian food often taste better, mainly because it’s not centered around the meat that’s being prepared.

I will never switch back, I now know that I really don’t need meat.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

When it comes to what we can eat and how we preform doing it, I see humans much like pigs, we can eat a huge variety of things and still live to be 90 years old.

I personally don’t feel any particular difference in being on a vegetarian diet vs a paleo one.

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Ease of access id argue. The weakness would be the inability to kill and butcher the animal yourself.

I wonder if indigenous people ever pondered the ethics of eating meat or if they were thankful for the food in whatever form it came.

First world problems, what a dream.

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Maybe slightly off topic but how does he get the pork? Some “fresh” (aka unfrozen) meats like sausage, prepared meat like burgers, etc. Possibly pork depending on how he’s getting it, have preservatives in them or other additives to increase their shelf life. (These can cause the issues you describe)

There’s something to be said from sourcing good meat.

  • Low intake and absorption of a variety of vitamins and minerals is a big fucking problem. There’s a reason vegans start to look like vegans.

  • Forms of plants vitamins and minerals are often different chemically from animal sources (and thus can have very different behaviors, vitamins are very guilty of this)

  • Plant chemicals have multiple purposes, one of which is often to harm whatever is trying to eat the plant. Plant lectins (especially from wheat and beans) and oxalates (see oxalate dumping) are issues that a lot of people don’t realize they have. A lot of plant compounds are great at creating leaky gut. In my personal opinion, pesticide residues are in the back of the list of things to be concerned about compared to what the plants themselves produce in bulk to defend themselves against fungi, bacterial, and you.
    Sure, eating some broccoli triggers various antioxidant defenses and repair mechanisms, but that’s because it’s literally damaging you. This is probably not something to be too worried about in moderation, but chowing down on highly concentrated isothiocyanates in a pile of broccoli sprouts day after day is a bad fucking idea.

  • The nutrition complex in plants is different than that of animals, which affects how our body can deal with those nutrients. There is no indication that vitamin A from liver is an issue (in reasonable amounts. liver from predators is still toxic), because liver also has other nutrients that allows the body to deal with that amount of vitamin A. However if you combine liver and the plant version of vitamin A or from supplements (which are from plants), then toxicity can occur. Food and body chemistry is complex as fuck and usually contradictory.

Full disclosure: I am NOT a fan of plants right now. In the start of 2018 I had a variety of increasingly troublesome issues including:

  • Lifelong depression (Undiagnosed, but likey would be called dysthymia. Very bad in highschool, but was manageable in adult life) that was coming back fierce
  • Panic attacks
  • Joint pain
  • Constant fatigue
  • Increasing blood pressure (which runs in the family)
  • Ezcema
  • Digestion issues and tough shits.

After a lot of research, I started keto, removing nearly all carbohydrates and industrial seed oils, with the only plants I ate being onions, and more rarely carrots and broccoli. From February to September I went from 225 to 170 pounds, easy as shit.
Except for the ezcema (likely due to various environmental allergies), which is lot milder, all problem were eliminated. I’m literally a new person. While I’m not opposed to having limited amounts of plants or carbohydrates in the future, I’m pretty fucking happy right now with basically doing carnivore.

I would HIGHLY DISCOURAGE choosing any diet for ideological reasons. Research a diet, try it for a bit, and then evaluate how it is affecting you both positively and negatively. Be prepared at anytime to abandon something you thought was okay. Also be wary of the incredible amount of bad (and outright malicious) science from all directions. I’ve worked in research, and the first thing you need to do is distrust all of it. Do not do a vegan or vegetarian diet because you’ve been told it’s “healthy”, try it and examine carefully what it does for and against you.


He pays a lot of attention to the quality, which is the sole reason I have meat at his place.

Since I was a kid, I was nauseous after eating pork. Around 20 years ago it started getting worse, 10 ish years ago my breathing started to get affected, throwing up, diarrhoea and so on. It ramped up proportional to the antibiotics amount given to the animals. However, just after I met my wife, we visited her parents, there I tried pork that didn’t get antibiotics, had no effects on me. Because of this experience, it was no issue for me to skip eating meat, I knew what the reason was, and it’s impossible to get any meat today that hasn’t been pumped to the brim with shit, be that ‘clean’ or preprocessed.

Funny (not making fun of you, just sharing an experience), a plant-based diet eliminates this on a lot of people, too. Including my wife. My blood pressure evened out and I stopped snoring.

Not sure if it’s the “”“diet”"" as much as putting care as to what goes into our bodies and increasing physical activity.


I don’t see a problem in eating meat or not. It’s not about that. People should eat what they feel comfortable with. Problem I see is the changes that follows the additives. For instance, schizophrenia, ADHD, depression and more, have been directly linked to bacterial flora in our digestion. With the amount of, for instance antibiotics in meat, pesticides and also fungicides in our food, we create an imbalance. Over time, this becomes a big problem.

An Australian doctor did tests on people with abovementioned symptoms, by giving them stool from healthy people, over a three months period, most of the test subjects were free of symptoms after ended treatment. One Danish guy was in this test, he opened a clinic in Copenhagen to give people the opportunity to try this out, and it worked great. Then government shut him down, for God knows what reason.

When it comes to the Vegan preaching, it does my head in. No-one is actually looking at the research, for whatever reason I don’t understand. I have issues with the way we treat animals in food production, but that’s not the reason I stopped eating it, it’s simply the rational thing to do in my opinion.

This is true, and yes, some strongmen are.

Not anyone in “the worlds strongest man” league tho, recently watched Brian Shaw talk about it

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