What are the best headphones for $300

I was thinking about getting some V-moda M100s, I love the bass and build quality

Check out Mr.Speakers' Mad Dogs

Ninja edit: Also maybe the HE400 if you're fine with open

I have a pair of new Vmoda Crossfade LP's, but they are too bassy for my liking, probably gonna post those for sale here soon. I'd say DT990s or ATH-M50X's, i have both and love them!

Asking what the best headphone is is like asking what the best shoes are. That really depends on what you want, now doesn't it? If you want running shoes, then you wouldn't get bowling shoes. Headphones are good for various things. Also what amp you have will make a difference.

Top ones to look at are definitely going to be the Mad Dogs, DT880, Q701, HP100, HP200, HE400, Fidelio X2, SR325e, K550, K7xx. Each of these will need a different amount of amping, so that is a big deciding factor.

Also, fendi, you look like thatASMRchick. Just saying.