What are the benefits of a smart watch?

I was looking for a new watch and searches of the subject give mainly smartwatchs

Like the ASUSwatch and one by Sony.

What are the advantages of getting a smart watch?

If I get an android watch do I need a android phone to take advantage of it as I have an iPhone 6 and the Iwatch is crazy expensive.


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None. Watch is an accessory, like cufflinks and tie clip.

If you are looking for a tool, that expands to personal gadgets, then looks at the "fitness bands" instead.

One of the big benefits of a smartwatch is all of your bio-data, location, and personal habits are all collected into databases. This is a huge benefit for, say, your medical insurance company. Pulse and galvonic skin response a little high on a regular basis? Your health insurance just went up by $30 a month. Heart palpitations? That's an extra $150 a month. Spend too long in the junk food isle at the store? You get spammed with weight loss ads on every device you use. Only a matter of time until all data collected on these things become a part of your medical record, where even your doctor, or any doctor or company that hires a doctor can access it.

I own a Pebble Steel, I had the Pebble classic before.

The Pebble is a different proposition to many of the other smartwatches as it has less features but what it does it does that very well.

Primarily as a second screen in a more convenient place, your wrist. I for one get lots of notifications through the day. Some are more important than others. Having the notification appear on your wrist lets you know what it is without having to pull your phone from your pocket. A quick glance at your wrist rather than picking up my phone and staring at it. I have found myself looking at my phone way too many times. It's almost compulsive, like the times you find yourself stood looking into the fridge without any memory of how you got there. OK that might just be me...

Since I got my Pebble my phone sits on my desk or stays in my pocket. Only picking it up if I really need to use it.

The Pebble is different, not having most of the fitness stuff. It's mainly about that extra screen in a better place.

I know @DeusQain has a pebble.

Actually one reason why I really wanted to get a smart watch is for when I'm on my bike. I can switch songs very easily and basically utilize my phone while it's in my pocket, when I'm doing things like biking or running.

It's definitely useful for me in that regard.

Samsung gear s2 is awesome. The bezel twists and allows you to access things like google maps or spotify or recent texts and allows you quick automated responses. It's definitely not a waste.

I was looking at the gear s2, but I have an iPhone would I still get the text alerts as Samsung and Apple don't really mix with each other.

Now your WATCH can spy on you!

There is no benefit unless you're on your bike with your phone in your bag or something like that

I always says the Pebble is a watch that acts like an extension of your phone at times, while things like the Apple watch, or the Galaxy Gear, Moto 360, and such, are extensions of your phone, that have a watch face.


So something like this, that is mainly want I want it for to see texts/notifications from my iPhone without taking it out my pocket.


You could save some money and go for one of the older ones. They are now functionally almost the same as the "Time" models.

The "time" can suffer from scuffs and accidental damage. The Steel is way more robust. I have a black one but the stainless has its charms.