What are some great pc game recomendations?

Yesterday i received my 7870 and bioshock and tomb raider. But im still looking for amazing looking and great playing pc games.

Planetside 2 is the best MMO I have played, Tribes is a great F2P shooter, FTL is a great rougelike, and Frozen synapse is a great strategy game. Also, be sure to check out some of the classics like Doom, Half life 1 and 2, and deus ex.

Borderlands 2 and Skyrim are about the best RPG's around.

Pretty much anything that isn't EA, Capcom or Activisionis good these days.

Did you play hitman abosolution?

far cry 3 is good and bf3 

don't forget the crysis series

Battlefield 3 and Crysis 1, 2 (for singleplayer), and 3 (singleplayer sucks, multiplayer is amazing) are great shooters.  The first two Bioshock games are a must have if you don't already have them.  Red Faction Guerilla and Armageddon are great if love blowing sh*t up.  Highly recommend Fallout 3, though it's not the greatest looking game (though mods will make it prettier).  Half Life and Half Life 2 are also great games, but not because of the graphics, if that's what you care about.

Warthunder (The draw distance is amazing. It will let your GPU know it's there, trust me). It's a airplane combat simulator. I only say simulator because it's incredibly detailed, but it isn't nearly as complicated as that makes it sound. If you've played World of Tanks, it's the airplane version of that.

Path of Exile. This game will not exaclty tax your GPU/system, but it's an epic Hardcore ARPG. The visuals are pretty great. It's like a modern Diablo 2.

Those are free to play.

Wargames: European Escalation. A WW2/Cold War (What if?) RTS with incredible detail (you can zoom down to eye level and see the detail in your troops/tanks/helicopters/etc. The games fun, but hard. Expect to spend a few hours per battle. It has a save feature if you can't dedicate that much time to it at once.

That's all I got for now.

I'm gonna recommend Metro 2033, the Splinter Cell series and the Darksiders series. Also Just Cause 2 is one of the best games for gameplay/graphics in my opinion. Deus Ex is great; the story doesn't get much better even if the graphics aren't amazing. Gotham City Imposters is one of my fav online games and its free! So check some of those out

Amazing looking you say? Try the most popular shooters. Battlefield, Arma (Day Z?), PewPew...

DayZ, Arma 3 Wasteland, Fallout 3 & New Vegas (maybe with some graphic mods to make it look better), Euro Truck Simulator 2 packed with mods, War Thunder, and some others.

max payne 3 is also awesome. so is syndicate and spec ops the line. the torchlight series and the witcher series are also great rpgs

Rome Total War

STALKER Call of Pripyat


If you're into shooters, try Hard Reset. It plays more like the Quake and UT games of old than most modern day shooters. It's an indie game so it's overlooked, but it's really worth the time and the money (it's cheap, like $20-$30 if I remember correctly). The graphics are amazing, one of the few games that pushes my system (until I decided to unlock one of my cores), you'll need a decent CPU for the physics (not PhysX, unfortunately), but my GTX560 with 4 GB or RAM runs it fine.

Set in a CyberPunk future (think BladeRunner or The Fifth Element), robots run rampant and you gotta blow them up. Not a whole lot to the plot, but the cut-scenes are really gritty comic-book style filled with profanity (mostly from the playable character), and they play while the game loads the next level. The gameplay is really where it's at though. You have two weapons the entire game, the conventional "C.L.N" and the energy "N.R.G" weapon (ba-dum tss), and as you "level up" (both from kills and collecting the N.A.N.O. that serves as "experience") you upgrade them to have different functions, like shotgun, grenade launcher, and laser-guided RPG (which is fun as shit BTW), electro-cannons, lightning-ball mines, and rail gun, plus some passive upgrades too. A pretty good game for some Steam Achievements, if you're into that sort of thing. Go for the Extended Edition (which doesn't cost any more, I think), the base game is too short. Oh, and you will die, a lot.