What are some good open source projects to start contributing?

I have been learning programming for almost a year now,mostly making small personal projects. I now want to contribute to open source and I have looked at a few projects but they all seem very overwhelming.What are some good projects for someone who wants to start contributing?

It largely depends on your programming skills. On what field you skills are specialized to. I would start with what ever open source applications you are frequently using and try to identify bugs or extra features you would like. If you have a solid idea but need information then just contact directly the people making it.

BTW just bug reporting, feature proposals, general testing and donations are big contribution beside coding.

The main things GNU/Linux needs are a true photoshop replacement, and video editing software

Well in that respect there are Darktable for professional photo editing and Lightworks as a professional grade video editing software (although lightworks is proprietary).

The issue is that adobe has too much influence on the way professionals are trained. After trained on one tool most people will not take the time to learn another, despite it being of similar or equal quality.

Well i don't really know a lot about video or photo editing itself, so i don't think i could make a program that does that,and besides,i'm not talking about creating my own projects(and definitely not something as complex as video editing software) but talking about contributing to some project.The main thing i want to learn is working in a team(which is something that would be needed if i were to get a job in the IT industry).

Make websites for non-profits!

I started using Rockstor for my storage. Its a freenas alternative using linux and btrfs. For a beginner you could try making Rockons(applications running in containers) for it. It should be easier to adapt a already finished program to work in a container.

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Well then just check out the free software foundation.


I am also interested in open source projects that are easy to get into, any ideas?

Drivers, drivers and drivers.

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Check out https://github.com . All the projects listed openly there imply that you can contribute to them in some way, either via a formal fork or just by doing quality control on an existing project you find interesting.

Be sure to create an account and spent some time going through the tutorial if you go this route.

I am aware of that, I was asking if someone has worked in or knows some interesting projects that are easy to get into. Not just a list of open source projects.