What are some good mini ITX GPU's?

Don't say 750ti because It's only a little more powerful than my 6950. I'm working on a project to maybe build a custom all in one pc and monitor. Lay it on down below

fury nano :) kills anything else in the same form factor

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No way I'm gunna find one of those used for a price I could afford!

Fury Nano kills everything...
There is 380 ITX from Sapphire that is really good...

If you are looking for second hand, there is 285 ITX from Sapphire that is basically the same card...

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there are some 970s that are ITX, some 4gb 960s are itx, that R9 285/380 is good but stuck at 2gb, and R9 nano as u said
there is also a ITX R9 270

970 ITX, 380 ITX, Fury Nano are the ones that come to mind.

Pretty sure you could get away with the full girth cards though.

GTX 670 mITX isn't out of the question either. Going to crush the 750 Ti and 6950, but not look so good against more modern offerings.

Funny thing is this post is the edit of me posting to buy a 750ti. Until I realized that the 6950 you gave me is basically as powerful, which rocked my world. I think what I may do first is actually buy the monitor for the project and just see if I would be possible to fit a modest two fan card in.

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