What are some good invasion/boarding songs for the Tek Syndicate Star Citizen guild to demoralize the enemy?

What are some good invasion/boarding songs for the Tek Syndicate Star Citizen guild to demoralize the enemy?

In this recent post in the guild ship thread I mentioned Nickelback:

Please view the video below in how we would typically use such music (only in extreme circumstances!)

-Please keep in mind we would be playing this so the enemy can hear it.

-Everyone needs to separate their posts because its difficult to promote a single song if you put 20 or so in a single post.

-By the way we'd also need sacrificially talented players who work well without orders for this task... aka - someone to be the actual human speaker with their player character on a constant open VOIP playing music at the enemy and able to stay alive...almost like a sacrificially talented DJ of sorts ??? if you people exist speak up in this thread

The official Tek Syndicate guild below was started by @DeusQain..I think:
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There's only one song you could possibly use.


You can never go wrong with Turisas:

However, since this is space it also should be cheesy good as hell and a space metal song:

This would be creepy and wrong in every way...qualifies in my book.

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One good 'boarding-song' springs to mind, and a particular lyric: "You've been Thunderstruck"

There is the other 'extreme' below: "Drop the needle lol"


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Listen to this at your own risk..These tend to get stuck in my head..I have now infected myself with them,I'll be lucky if they are gone in a month..They have 10hour versions of these songs or at least they did..But I will seriously think of some more that are better..

Oh and here is another..

Maybe this stuff..

Edit: The most tactical music would be the "brown noise" right, lol..

In reality, isn't that just what it sounds like when @DeusQain is installing Gentoo?

This music would work.

Imagine being attacked by Pirates and this is the music playing.............

We need to make that video......

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The Brown noise is only effective if those who use it are not in the range of the sound waves.

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I figured I would make some crazy non newtonian fluid infused clothes to try and alter the sound waves..Lol

And also earplugs I guess..Or could you counter them with opposite spectrum sound waves(if there is such a thing) to cancel them out..I really just posted the brown noise as a joke..lol
Edit: I guess there is it is called Destructive Interference..

A 3 minute song for a precisely planned 3 minute takeover

This seems appropriate

This is a must...and hilarious