What are some good gaming mice?

What are some mice that are good for gaming? I don't need ridiculously high dpi but something that will perform well. I don't stick to one game so MMO vs FPS doesn't matter to me since I play all. Here are somethings I play : minecraft, LoL, Fps games (battlefield), lots of rpgs, some mmos, and triple A titles. My budget is up to 80 for a mice. So far I've looked at corsair mice which seem too orianted around one game type( FPS vs MMO). I've also looked at the logitech gaming mice but they're just like the corsair mice. Any suggesting are appreciated, Thanks! :)

I would look at steel series mice. They look nice and have a moderate dpi. 


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I like my Razer Naga Hex. It's designed for moba games. I bought it to play League, but it's nice for just about any kind of game.  My left hand rarely leaves the wasd keys when I'm playing a shooter. The sensitivity change buttons are great for sniping and stuff.  Not quite enough buttons to do everything on the mouse for an MMORPG, but if you want to get crazy like that get a regular Naga.

I have a death adder which is good overall, Logitech g500 which is fine but nothing exciting and I have a mionix 5200 which i really like on a proper surface.

Whilst looking at mice really consider the surface/mat as without it can make a big difference. Also think about weight and hand size, etc

Speaking of mats, I have a XTRAC Ripper pad... It's good for what it does.

I have a http://mionix.net/products/sargas-900/ which is massive but sooooo good and I have some steelseries SCII and D3 mats

I love my Logitech G600; 7 months, and going strong.

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I woud avoid all mice with Avagao ADNS-9500 sensors, since they have hardware acceleration that cannot be turned off.

If you go to NCIX quickly, theres a mouse for sale called a Corsair M90, which I'm using right now. It's a great mouse, and it's $30! 

Don't buy the new Razers. They're pretty bad.

That's exactly what I've said! I'm not sure how bad quality the deathadder is. Still there's problems with the software you can avoid by getting something else.