What are some good cartoons worth watching?

Excluding all anime as I watch a ton of that already, what are some non-japanese cartoon/movies worth watching?

Currently I watch all the latest stuff, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, American Dad, Family Guy, Simpsons, Venture Bros, Bobs Burgers, Rick and Morty, ect...

What are some other cartoons a 25 year old can enjoy? Maybe something more obscure? A hidden gem? cult classic?

I have provided a list of shows Ive already seen and have sorted them by how much I liked them. This list will grow as more suggestions are given, I cant remember everything I seen.

This list is in no particular order of how much I like the show.
Any show marked with a star ( * ) means Ive finished or are up to date with the series

Shows Loved: Shows most likely watched start to finish.
Steven Universe*
Dexters Lab
Justice League
Megas XLR*
Avatar The Last Airbender*
Legend Of Korra*
How to Train Your Dragon Movies and Series*
Young Justice*
Teen Titans and Movie (Not the new one)*
Johnny Bravo
Any Stop Motion Movie by Tim Burton*
Most Pixar Films*
All Dreamworks Films*
3D Green Lantern*
Samurai Jack*
Ed Edd, And Eddy*
Goof Troop Series and Movies*
Invader Zim*
South Park*
Sym-bionic Titan*
Robot Chicken*
Adventure Time*
Rick and Morty*
Iron Giant*
American Dad*
Family Guy*
Venture Bros*
Batman Beyond*
Static Shock*
New Thundercats*
Gravity Falls*
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends*
Pinky and The Brain
Transformers Prime*
Transformers Animated
Pokemon (till around Hoenn Region)
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Recess and Schools Out Movie
Doug and Movie
King of The Hill*
Mission Hill*
The Oblongs*
Morel Orel*
Sealab 2021
Tiny Toons Adventures
Brave Little Toaster*

Liked: Most of the shows listed I most likely seen most of the series if not all
Chalk Zone
Spiderman (1990s one)
Majority of Marvel and DC animated series
Batman series
Tom and Jerry*
Old Powerpuff Girls*
Disney shows like Mickey Mouse
Scooby Doo, Original and various reincarnations
Danny Phantom*
Moonbeam City*
Ugly Americans*
Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
Kim Possible
Duck Tales
Looney Tunes
Tale Spin
Time Squad
Code Lyoko
World Of Tomorrow
Jimmy Neutron
Fairly Odd Parents
Korgoth of Barbaria
Codename: Kids Next Door
Jackie Chan Adventures
Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Ben 10 and Alien Force
Generator Rex
Lilo And Stich and Movie
The Mighty Ducks
Charlie Brown
The Pagemaster*

Its ok: Watched a lot of, usually because of nothing better being on
Heavy Metal Movies*
Courage the Cowardly Dog*
Mr. Pickles*
Rocket Power
Rugrats and Movie
Wild Thornberrys
As Told By Ginger
All Grown up
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Totally Spies
Proud Family
Camp Lazlo
Home Movies
Xiaolin Showdown
Space Ghost Coast To Coast
Regular Show
American Dragon
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
Class of 3000
Winx Club till season 5
Charlie Brown Series
Cow and Chicken
Total Drama Island

Bleh: Didnt watch much or didnt care for it
Frisky Dingo
Old Thundercats
Ren And Stimpy
Rocko's Modern Life
Angry Beavers
Inspector Gadget
Hey Arnold
The Tick
Ben 10 Omniverse and beyond.
Anything with Sonic
Clone High
Sheep in the Big City
2 Stupid Dogs
League of Super Evil
Batman The Brave and The Bold
We Bare Bears

Note: I do seem to like cartoons that are darker in nature, I also seem to really like shows where the main character ages.

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Rick and Morty?


Happy tree friends (viewers discretion is advised).
I love me some Samurai Jack. I know, i know, it's childish... You should see my next entry:
Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratury. Extremely over the top and so silly i love it...
BTW, i am 30...

Dammit, I knew there was 1 I was forgetting to mention.

Ya I seen that and loved it.

Mikey Mouse, Daffy Duck , well stuff like that - bet you won't see all episodes of those in your life.

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Tom and Jerry


I havent seen all of them, but I have seen a good majority of the episodes in all those series. Even some of the more racist ones.
Got anything else besides the old disney and looney toons series?

star wars clone wars / rebels is also good animation ("cartoon")
bla bla bla.. and so on.

Man, I watched all those when I was like 10, I remember renting all the series and movies from blockbuster.

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Seen most of the clone wars, I guess I could finish those.

Seen most of the super hero shows, the only I might wanna go back and finish is batman. Although I watched the fuck out of Batman Beyond and the movie.

Heman, thundercats, and tmnt, are pretty bleh. Its too corny for me. The new Thundercats was great though.

Steven Universe

Already watch it. That was one of the first things I listed as watching currently.

Ah....dang I missed that XD Honestly I read the title skimmed the post saw that quote and then posted lol

In that case, get yourself some Looney Tunes (Toons?). Or Robot Chicken, Ed, Ed and Eddy

Ya, I practically watch all the cartoons currently out minus most of nickelodeon's, Disney's and Cartoon Network's lineups because most of their shit is horrible now.

I watch almost every animated thing on adult swim also.

Seen probably about 80%-90% of all the looney tunes.

Robot Chicken im up to date on.

Seen all of ed, edd, and eddy including the movie/special.

Seen most of happy tree friends.

Watched all of Samurai Jack multiple times.
Seen all old PPGs, and seen all/most of Dexters lab.
Check out my original post, ive tried updating a list of stuff not to bother listing to help.

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You are answering a second time to my post... :D

You might find Gargoyles worth a watch or Invader Zim

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Invader Zim was amazing and ive been pissed ever since it came out that it was never properly ended.

Seen gargolyes.