What are some games that everyone thought was bad but you personally liked?

Title Says it All.

What Are Some PC Games Everyone Most Likely Hates (to Clarify I Mean Games that Got Poor Reviews) or Dislikes but You Personally thought it was Okay or Could of Been Better. Or Even Had Potential.

I'll Start

  • Velvet Assassin
  • Duke Nukem Forever
  • Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Series



A lot of people thought Alpha Protocol was bad, but I actually enjoyed it.  Wasn't perfect, but I liked it.

Rome Total War 2

Prison Architect (alpha)

i don't know if Dune 2000 was liked or disliked. i never heard anything about it, but i loved that game. 

No one thought prison architect is bad cause it's in alpha and still addicting

Singularity - FPS game where you fight against russian soldiers and monsters using all kinds of guns and a high tech gauntlet that allows you to age/mutate objects and enemies, stop time in a area, throw objects...

I really loved playing it, it had some mayor flaws, but gameplay was awsome.You go through a room full of frozen in time soldiers and all of the sudden they come back alive.Fighting a giant queen bug on a train. Turning soldiers into monsters and have them attack fellow soldiers. Cast "time slow down sphere" at your feet enabling you to dodge bullet. Use it on enemies to freeze them in time.  Gun with bullets which you lead to target in FPS.

EDIT: I've took another look at score, I don't know why I thought people overall didn't like it.

R U S E - The Art of Deception.

WW2 RTS that seemed like run of the mill and had a campaign that was no more than that, but I really liked the way the game plays as far as the interface, strategy and mix of units go. In ways it's simplistic, but the possible variations are great. I must have played hundreds of hours against AI oponents.

A couple of minutes of skirmish gameplay that I recorded a while ago. No commenting but I tried to show off some parts of the game while playing.


A full 20min skirmish round, if anyone wants to see more of the game. This one goes up to 1080p.


I won't say disliked, but certainly underrated was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. I freaking love that game to this day.

CoD lel!

Personally i really enjoy Call Of Duty. For Ghosts i really enjoyed the story and once in a while i play multiplayer if there are more than 1k people playing on other game types other than Team Deathmatch. Jumping from consoles to PC was awesome but a little sad to see a lot of games have lower populations.

Excellent game! Aah the memories. It's my cover photo on this site and Twitter :). I don't think people thought its bad though.

Yeah, DNF wasn't all that bad. Also I actually like Syndicate 2012 quite a bit although the main game focus was its co-op. If anyone is curious Syndicate Wars was my first Syn.

Alpha Protocol, at least on PC (and the .ini file mouse fix) is still quite enjoyable, and I think that's all I can think of off hand.

+1 to RUSE, loved that game :D

yeah, i never heard good or bad things about it... i never heard ANYTHING about it lol i was like 13 back then, and i think everyone was playing Starcraft and Command and Conquer (i loved CaC too)


  • Metal Gear Rising:Revengence (turns out that's an actual word)

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover has turned  into an awesome combat flight sim thanks to the Team Fusion patches.


Deadly Premonition the Directors Cut

2/10 yet game of the year

Batman Arkham Origins.

There was so much hate on this game, I know it didn't live up to its expectations and lacked In new things but it was still a great game in my opinion.

Hmm, probably MW2, loved the multiplayer and campaign, got every achievement for the game, loved the spec ops missions aswell. Never prestiged once I hit level 70 though, didn't see the point. I miss the days of custom lobbies with loads of my friends, similar feeling to Halo 3 multiplayer.

As a slight reverse to the topic: I absolutely hated mine craft, couldn't play it for more than a minute but everyone else seemed to love it.