What are most of you guys watching?

I come from an asian american family household. Never had time to watch much but I mostly stick to non-fiction and documentaries for the last 6+ years. I'll watch a hollywood video or too if it get good reviews or recommends from friends. But every since torrents and Youtube I haven't been watching much on TV. I think the last time I watched anything on tv was firefly series and old reruns of x-files, south park. I think the most recent thing I've watched is Neil Degrasse Tyson's Cosmos and that was on torrent.

. Going to visit my aging parents whom are near 70, they are watching netflix and roku box on our ethnic channel since it's easier to get the news in their native language. My 20 something sisters watch korean only media & talk shows. My brother mostly watches anime or YT only.


So rarely do I ever visit them and watch daytime shows like "Texas Walker Ranger" one of my dad's favorite shows on mainsteam TV btw. Anyways I was wondering what do you guys watch. Considering the global phenomemon of Psy's "Gangum Style" and Kpop's girl bands such as Sistar & SNSD.

"Lost" really just verified to me that without a Korean couple not many of any Asians would even consider watching "Lost". Same thing with "Walking Dead" right now with that Asian guy in it. So I guess mainstream media probably knows that not many young people are even watching daytime or tv programs anymore except the 5 o'clock news etc... Or just 1 or 2 of their TV show out of the bland media.

What you guys think? Instead of death of gamers? Death of Mainstream media like LA Times, Best Buy stores etc...


If you like a gritty storyline I always recommend 'breaking bad" "the killing" "true detective" 

I second True Detective. 

My favorite thing on TV at the moment is Rick and Morty.

I haven't watched television in about 4 years, but in there are some television shows i keep up to date with mostly anime and American Horror Story as of late. i don't really care for Walking Dead, I did Enjoy Breaking Bad alot. which is a bit funny considering my major right now in College is Chemistry. But other than American Horror Story and a few Anime i don't really watch much. I read much more often now since i stopped watching Television.

Desperate Housewives on Netflix mainly right now 

I prefer to watch films, but if you are into TV then check out Mad Men. It is a good series and is not formulaic and gimmicky like many of the other ones are. True Detective was great as well.

If you liked Cosmos, check out the BBC's Wonders of the Universe by Dr. Brian Cox. It's brilliant.


currently re-watching the walking dead 1-4 so I can finally get to watching season 5

'House of Cards,' I've only seen the American, David Fincher/Kevin Spacey one, but apparently the original British one is just as good, if not better. 'Initial D,' I could only see random bootlegs when I was younger, and never really in order. Now it's on Netflix. w00t. 'Twin Peaks,' one of the weirdest, greatest TV shows ever. And there will be a new season in a year or two. 'Trailer Park Boys' - just watch it. 'Game of Thrones,' also no explanation needed.

I'm watching Legend of Korra on Google play and Vikings on cable that my parents pay for. 

started watching tru blood, good show, anna paquin is hawt, even with the tooth gap

south park, gotham and ergo proxy

South Park, Futurama, Pokemon, and Cosmos from time to time

Pretty much everything everyone has mentioned here. The show is over but I recommend Spartacus, senseless violence and nudity, what more could you ask for?

Just watched ep10 of "You Lie in April" waiting for the next episode of "SAO" and still reeling from the end of "Akame Ga Kill"

About to Watch the final episode of The Colbert Report.

Finishing up Guilty Crown now.

Chuck was my highschool show. Not a lot of violence or language, funny, cute and nerdy, just how I liked it. Great choices of music and a heartbreak at times. Second was Firefly, for the same reasons but so much different.

Lately, I've been watching The Office and Arrested Development, both great shows, comedic in different ways, and Person of Interest for my crime/drama/ethics. I catch bits of White Collar, Doctor Who, and Agents of SHIELD (or whatever they're calling it now) from my family members.

Other than that, I've watched up to about halfway of Season 4 of Breaking Bad, but can never seem to get myself to watch more than in half-season-long chunks a couple of months apart. It's not really a show that I want to say is amazing since it's pretty gruesome, but the music choice is good sometimes (i.e. Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart, 4.03 Go-kart scene) and the story and character developments/actors are excellent. I'll finish it at some point. I have no interest in watching the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

The only anime I've watched is Toradora. I thought it was pretty good, but I have no intention of watching any others.