What are good resources to learn linux on?

Kind of surprised to not see " Unix and Linux system administration handbook " on the list, definitely a good book.
Would also recommend " Late Night Linux " in addition to JB’s podcasts.


Second LNL, an excellent podcast. Especially considering it has IKEY, the maker of Solus. Solus is my distro of choice at the moment.

I liked the episode where they argued over the general acceptance that code WILL inherently contain bugs and how certain “bugs” are not actual bugs but are just cases of implementation of the code was not designed for.
I’m more of an Arch guy ( btw did I mention I use arch), but I love the budgie DE and on my laptop.

Ha! You are an Arch guy! As in you made sure to clarify that after the point. I appreciate the humor. I don’t remember the episode you are referencing but I dig the subject matter. :slight_smile:

And as always one book I link when ever this topic rises up. The Linux Command line.
Started with this one who knows how long ago. Pretty good at explaining things and free for download. I should probably read the third edition. Just noticed I only have the 1st edition and I should probably read the 3rd before I recommend the 3rd.


This one, starts at 38:25

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I will listen over the morning tea. Thank you!

Thanks! I might just try it. It sure sounds interesting. . .

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vimtutor is a good entry to vim. It should be installed with your vim package