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What are games you could no life


Does it count as no life gaming when a twitch streamer dies during a marathon stream?


When did that happen?

Oh yeaaaah I heard about that. That was sad.


when gaming indirectly kills… mary j safer than video games…


No matter how much I like a game, I usually can’t play for crazy hours anymore before I feel like I should take a break (or need to sleep to be up early!).

That said, I think Tekken 7 and Warframe are easiest for me to lose time to. Tekken because I can always improve and it never seems to become boring (pvp). Warframe because it lends itself to insane grind and is designed around never ending.


Ship spinning in EVE Online


Warframe is an extremely addictive game although it is very repetitive, even with this incessant repetition of levels one never tires of doing these missions.


Pirate Bay



Fallout 1 and 2
Shadowrun Sega Genesis (get out of here with your crappy SNES version talk, totaly diff game on genesis!)


final fantasy


I did it with everquest, then WoW for a short time.

Now I have a Gene that’s flipped in my DNA thats anti farming. Can’t make me camp digital treasure any more.


heres a pic of play times on my main and alt [not counting my ultimate iron man on oldschool runescape] (nov 22 2018)