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What are games you could no life


If there were more content, the South Park games. Before them the last time I sat down and played a game start to finish in a single sitting was when KOTOR came out.


A no life gamer can make a game his/her bitch the first time they play it.

“Hey how good are you?”
“Um I don’t know”
“Dude he’s a no life gamer he can play a game once and master it”

I am that way with Rocket League since day 1. Then I practiced.
I have always been good at driving games and I play smart to predict where the ball will be.


Baldurs Gate 2
Neverwinter Nights 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Borderlands 2
Diablo 2

Those 5 games have probably accounted for more play-time hours (for me) than everything else combined in the past 5-10 years.

Oh, and how could i forget…
Gran Turismo 1-6


WoW, EVE Online - the most neos titles in my life :slight_smile: It is why I sometimes Buy EVE ISK because I always want to have the best ships at the universy.


I’m not familiar with the term “no life” but I could really go for some Half Life 3 right about now…


I fear Star Citizen, if ever feature complete (2022 maybe?) I will have to cut my work hours to a minimum …

But two recent games I rolled deep into at a near no-life level were Kingdom Come (120 hrs over a month) and Frostpunk (16 hours over two days). It was a few years since anything drew me in quite like that.


I always give the same answer: Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-CU). I thought by now that I would have found a challenger, but, boy, was that game great for the first 2 years. Complex, community driven, open world, sandbox awesomeness. If the devs would’ve been allowed more time before launch to implement some of the important planned mechanics that eventually got canned or modified, the game would probably still be around today in its original form (not SWGEmu) and I would be playing it :slight_smile:


Used to play Final Fantasy 11 for 8-16 hours a day for 4 years then I scaled it back to 6-12 hours a day for a few more years before I stopped playing. Averaged the hours I used to play back when I was doing it and figured I would never know how many hours I had into it but I had at least 16,000 hours into it. Hard to really measure the time since I was often in a LS party that might last anywhere from 6 hours to a few days. Summer Vacation was always brutal, always 55+ people on and we only had 3 main healers, and I was one of them, and one of the other healers was the best geared tank we had. So I would be healing, he would be tanking, and the other healer would be dead 1/2 way across the map. Why TF they couldn’t use Sneak / INV /Deodorize like a normal damn person would.

Lots of great memories and at some point I will have to install it again because they released an expansion right after I quit.


That title …



Having “played” star citizen several times since 2013 or whenever the first beta came out, i’ve been repeatedly disappointed with the content, performance, etc. 32 GB RAM, Haswell E3-1231v3, SSD and Vega 64 and it still ran like a stuttery mess.

I backed it WAY back and i consider that money to be gone.


The phrase “No Life” is the verb.

Japanese Conjugation.


Football Manager
Football Manager
Football Manager
Football Manager
Football Manager
Football Manager
Football Manager
Football Manager

Seriously, that games never stop being fun. The only thing that could possibly get better is the AI of the other managers.


I almost no-lifed halo 3. I think I was around 1,950 recorded online matches when I stopped playing. Many offline/LAN, of course. Some were campaign on legendary (1-2+ hrs), some were 10-15 min multiplayer matches.

Either way, it was a lot, for me.

Actually, I had I think >80 days /played in wow. Destiny (1 on PS3) I definitely no-life’d. 3 months, 200 hours. It was a slow couple of months. Too slow.


I’ll just put these numbers here…



Not sure what my hearthstone hours are… but I’ve got a lot in that too

And minecraft… put over 120 hours into a tekkit classic server over the course of 2 weeks


Rocket League is my favourite game on Ps4, so much E-sport :slight_smile:
Second choice is Players Unkown Battleground.


I’ve no-lifed the crap out of warthunder with about 350 hours in it so far and I’ve barely even touched the tanks.


Bit of backstory: I stopped playing WoW in 2008 during Burnung Crusade and haven’t touched it in 10 years.

Until now.

For the record: I had 164 days of /played just on my main when I logged in yesterday.
That is about 4000 hours. Count my other chars in and you’re looking at 5000 hours easily.
And that is only from February 2005 (EU release) to some point in 2008, so around 3.5 years.

I bet there are accounts that have been active from vanilla up to this day with less time spent in the game.
So if we are talking about who nolifed the hardest… I’m probably in the top 5 around here.

So … goodbye cruel world.
Azeroth needs me!

I’m fine. Seriously, don’t worry. It’s all fine. :wink:




RuneScape is my drug I play it daily and I’m extremely active in it’s community. I enjoy my time sink. Over a year and a half of my life was spent sitting playing one game actively over 15 years.


In order of hours potentially sunk:

Dwarf Fortress
Tekken, SoulCal, Virtua Fighter
Guilty Gear, DBFZ, Skullgirls, Any SF prior to 4
any one of the monster hunters
DeS or DS1
Starcraft Brood War
Sunless Sea
the Ratchet and clank franchise
RC tycoon/Zoo Tycoon
Guild Wars
Diablo 2/Torchlight

In terms of what I’ve actually no-lifed, DF and Monster hunter are up there, no idea how many hours I’ve spent on fighting games because its spread over so many different titles, but it’s a lot.