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What are games you could no life


Eve Online


Games I could no-life are:

  • Minecraft
  • Payday 2
  • Mass Effect
  • Most of the Final Fantasy series
  • Anything Elder Scrolls or Fallout

Thats pretty much it, is probably some others but these really do suck me in the most.


The top 5 would be:

  • Terraria
  • Grip
  • Doom
  • Besiege

used to be Starcraft II aswell.

  • Factorio
  • Stalker soc, cop, or all the other standalone mods.

  • Kerbal
  • Space
  • Program


You ever play through the NES version? Still feels funny asking people if they have Played Mother 1…


Honestly? No.


I already no lifed CS 1.6 for all of middle school, high school, and my early '20s. 12,000+ hours steam alone.



If I could just binge game all day every day, Id play witcher 3, Deus Ex 1,2 (3 is yet to be determined), Planetary annihilation: titans, all the half life games including Black Mesa, all the halo games for pc and console, and any hack and slash indie game like Hollow knight or Hyperlight drifter.

For handhelds though I love playing so many games, just got some emulators on my 3ds so now I play Zoids Legacy (GBA), Mario and Luigi Super star saga (GBA,3DS), Luigis haunted mansion (GC,3DS), Super Mario 3d Land (3DS), and I think my favorite Pokemon game has to be the Alpha Saphire as the story is greatly enhanced and the amount of pokemon you can capture in it is Huuuuge, definitely a jump from the original I played!


World of Warcraft and Diablo III were consuming me back then.
I might look into WoW classic when it hits.
That’s probably gonna be bad / amazing.


I would love a friend like that XD

For me my list would be this

Mass Effect 1 ( Found the later games to just be utter shit )
City Skylines
Almost any kind of shooter


I had to look up what “no life” meant in this context.

Nothing, I don’t care about gaming the way I used to.

Giving up computers though… unlikely.



I’m not very used to the “no life” term, but here it goes:
1- Burnout 3: Takedown
2- GTA San Andreas (back when i had a 150kbps ADSL connection i would spend literal days downloading mods for this beast!)
3- Euro/American Truck Simulator (2, if its the Euro)
4- Quake 3 Arena (oh yeah!)
5- Quakespasm
6- L.A. Noire


Get on my discord and play with us. My friends are usually broke af so I end up buying them games every so often.


Games while I was younger I clocked 300+ hours into:

  • Final Fantasy 6 & 9
  • Morrowind
  • Command and Conquer Red Alert 1 & 2 (played ranked so much on 2v2 I became #1 in the world for a few hours)
  • Sim City 4
  • Unreal Tournament 2004

I really don’t have the time or will to do that any more. But, I do have some games I keep going back to:

  • Cities Skylines
  • Minecraft
  • Unreal Tournament 4
  • Planetary Annihilation


Out of the games I have right now: Skyrim and CS:GO.

I used to grind 8 hours a day on it at the start of last school year for like 2 months give or take.


BDO, I had to stop playing that game because there was so much stuff to do in it. Currently my no life game is GTA V, I’ve put about 2500 hours into GTA Online alone :octopus:


ive put 2400 in Space Engineers, always interesting to see what people have put thousands of hours into


You can take him he’s pissing me off lately.