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What are acceptable chipset temperatures for TRX40?

Does anyone know what are acceptable chipset temperatures are for the trx40 chip (i.e. Threadripper 3000 chipset)?

My specific use case is the ASUS Zenith II Extreme Alpha w/ 3970x. I want to use a second graphics card but it covers up the chipset fan; depending on whether I use a small graphics card (5500xt) or a large one (1080ti) I might get partial or full coverage of the fan. With just partial coverage, at idle, I am seeing temperatures settle at 68 deg C and full coverage was 75 or higher (I’m afraid of what it looks like under load). I want to run the computer 24 x 7 and I’m worried these temps are not sustainable over a 7 year span (or even 5 yr). And the chipset fan gets quite loud at 4200+ rpm. The placement of the chipset on this motherboard seems very poor for multi-gpu setups (one for host and the other for passthru to VMs). The Aorus Extreme places the fan in-line with the second PCI-E slot making it seem like a better solution for having GPUs in the 1st and 3rd slot. I’d also be curious to know chipset temperatures of this motherboard (Aorus Extreme) with multiple GPU setups if anyone knows.

Well there are some conflicting numbers in regards to safe operating chip set temperatures.
Not sure if AMD has ever really made it public or not.
But higher temperatures on the chipset with multiple gpu setups,
does not really seem to be that uncommon.

According to the graph shown in the kitguru review,
70C on the chipset with normal operation seems to be fine. :slight_smile:

I would personally be more worried when the temps would really exceed 90C,
on a regular bases.

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It’s a non-issue. The chipset is built on a larger process node and can handle higher temperatures at low current. As mentioned above, up to 90 C is probably safe for the life of the system.

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