What am I missing out on with linux?

This is my favourite post ever.

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Here are a couple of podcasts to get you started:

Late Night Linux

Linux Unplugged

Security Now

Agreed, your own personal VPN service would obviously be preferred. Worse case scenario, connect to your home network with an OpenVPN tunnel and then head out to the internet from there. Bottom line, use an encrypted tunnel whenever you are using a public access point.

I religiously avoid public hotspots for security reasons, but in an emergency, I would rather use Opera with their free VPN service, rather than no VPN at all.



Having to check the wiki and the homepage before updating packages in Arch just in case some clown with a commit bit hasnt screwed it all up again

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it's not noticeable.

well, it does.

stop dual-booting, then. pleeb.

HAH! shows you. I've already got one!

My sides!

That's so true. How many times did I think "Oh, that doesn't have a Linux binary. I wonder how it works in wine", only to need to reinstall linux on my computer.

can confirm, have 3.

Can confirm, they're all in my cabinet.

Does free swag count? (that said, teespring was good, I mean damaging, to me this week)

That's actually a few of my most liked post on this forum, so I'm kinda proud of that.

Nearly there! Just need to get rid of the girlfriend. (Hmmm, I wonder if I can convince her I'm cheating on her by leaving condoms by the bed)

Only noticeable decline was in my sex life. Other than that it worked just fine.

Everyone knows it's cat << EOF > ~/Documents/ (AKA cat heredoc)

Such as remembering the proper syntax of tar?!

but it does!


I don't know if this is what you are asking, but the more I use Linux, the more I appreciate all the small CLI programs, and how you can string and pipe them together in bash.

For instance, just this weekend, my grandfather-in-law asked me to help him extract a single page from a .pdf document. I googled it a bit (and did not want to use a web application, as it was his tax return, not something you want to upload to some unknown server) and found a guide for Adobe Reader which is what he had installed, only to find you have to pay for that particular (and much more) functionality. He suggested printing it and scanning it, and while I had to give him props for creativity, this is a stupid thing not to be able to do in software. finally put it on a USB stick so I could use a CLI program on my own laptop. One command later the page was extracted and I could deliver it to him.


the Linux PDF tools are pretty great.


Linux on a PC is like learning to use a PC again. Very rewarding if you try.

If you want spoon feed windows never think, stick with window 10 they need your metrics to profit more.

Rant aside. Linux is not ready for the mass's you have to be willing to learn a little but the perks on linux are there. Simple stuff like running a pool of drives on BTRFS or ZFS for some hardware fail torrance. Youtube-dl to max out a porn library.

My next beast to slay is VM's and GPU hardware. Whether it is Virgil 3D or AMD hooking us up with SR-IOV to put windows games in a box to play with as the user wishes not the developers.

Maybe I am just an anti social bastid. Not gonna change...so it me or nothing :slight_smile:

I'm at the "Buying an outdated thinkpad" stage, but somehow already passed the "Becoming increasingly jaded and platform agnostic" stage...

These treasured linux use cases don't necessarily need to be experienced in chronological order; the important thing is that they're essential parts of using it over time.

Amen! I definitely revived my love of computers when I moved to Linux. I remember once when I was still on Windows and had just learned how to set up an FTP server because SMB didn't work. I ranted to someone, think it was my mother, that so many people don't know what their computer can really do, and that they just give up if they run into problems. Now I look at that episode as somewhat comical, also, I was a teenager, but it was still a very rewarding first learning experience, a sort of a feeling of enlightenment which accelerated when I moved to Linux.

Nice list but you missed one very important one....
Scan for Morpheous

Knock Knock Neo!!

I would say the biggest thing you can miss out on if you have never used Linux is the opportunity to learn more about operating systems.

You also miss out on specific libraries and software tools that are only retally accessible via a Linux distro.

I wouldn't be surprised if a Linux/Unix system came along and pulled the rug from beneath Microsoft's feet (look at how close OSX came). What I can say is that if it does happen it certainly won’t be one of today's existing Linux/Unix OSes.

remember he is an agent of disinformation. ofc it works fine in arch.

also check out youtube-dl. my parents have never touched a command line until they learned how to use youtube-dl to download videos or music from a couple thousand sites with no adds.

for terminal's i personally like guake for it's ability to disappear and reappear with the press of a button, and being able to run a large number of terminal tabs at the same time without spamming up my application bar at the bottom.

handbrake is amazing, especially if you have a library card.

hosting your own ftp server and accessing your files through the internet from your phone or laptop or whatever is amazing, especially if you're on the go a lot with limited internet access when not at home. at a fast food place and have internet and are about to go travel and media to consume on your portable device? your good. have limited storage but want access to a a large amount of files but will rarely need them out in the field? you got it.

I have that even on my mac. I can't without ... just can't.

XFCE actually has a drop down terminal built in.

Broadcom WiFi


Oh and I forgot to mention my personal favorite:

Terrible replacements for visual studio.

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