What am I missing out on with linux?

So this is my third day of using linux ubuntu and im going to do the year challenge with linux and ive made this my daily OS which I will be doing everything on. ive started learning simple commands which make me smile with joy when I execute them because i feel all techy LOL. Now the real question is. what else could I be doing on linux which would make it better for me. its really a vague question but what fun stuff can I do on linux besides do my college work and play games on another OS? how can I configure my OS to suite me better?

thanks in advance to the people that reply with answers!

There's all sorts of things you can do with any OS, it's impossible to list them all. That said, here's the absolute top of the list, essential to the linux experience:

  • Listening to RMS and his following
  • Shitposting in Windows 10 threads
  • Googling graphics driver problems
  • Getting told it works fine in Arch
  • Emphatically insisting that some part of your distro you never touch is better than an alternative you've never used
  • Opening Github issues
  • Dropping Ubuntu forever
  • Getting tricked into using wine
  • Complaining that you're having problems dual-booting
  • Shouting about privacy and security when you have no concept of either in practice
  • Installing windows in a VM to play games with a noticeable decline in performance
  • Installing linux on old computers and never using them again
  • Complaining about Ubuntu's QC standards and Canonical's practices
  • Buying a raspberry Pi
  • Soul crushing self loathing
  • Arguing over which CLI text editor is designed better
  • Altering your GUI to the point that it becomes unuseable for anyone but yourself
  • The rush of a failed boot after an upgrade
  • Being disappointed in your Raspberry Pi
  • Tricking new users into trying to set up their own passthrough VM
  • Trying to sell your Raspberry Pi
  • Arguing with other linux users about which distro is best for [INSERT_USE_CASE]
  • Telling people it works fine in arch
  • Buying linux merch
  • Complete social isolation
  • Putting your Raspberry Pi in storage permanently
  • Telling someone every 10 minutes you use linux
  • Buying an outdated thinkpad
  • Installing Gentoo
  • Laughing at RMS and his following
  • Becoming increasingly jaded and platform agnostic
  • And many more!

Install the Pithos (Pandora) app.

Install Virtual Box and check out a new distro from time to time.

Add your favorite podcasts to Rythmbox, so that they are automatically downloaded.

Install and use the Opera browser's built-in VPN service at public Wi-Fi hot spots.

Learn to be your own sys admin.

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lmfao this is a glorious post


Compile all the things.

And cry at the errors.


Linux is useful for software development, I am not sure what a casual user could get out of it unless they just need a casual work machine.


I for one like my Raspberry Pis! When they don't fry my microSD cards, that is.

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When it's someone else's software, they're an idiot who clearly didn't do enough testing. When it's your own, you swear the compiler must me bugged before you realize you missed a semicolon at line 309.

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Better on line 309, than in some file that's multiple layers of includes down

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Is it worrying that I do most things within that list?

Any guides for that? That's something I'd love to use and also any recommendations on podcasts to listen to?

I'm looking to get into coding and all that good stuff, any guides you'd recommend ?

Get out while you still can; seek help immediately.


what is your current experience levels?

Honestly, I'm dumb enough where many of my compilation errors are due to not realizing I have a missing package.

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Gotta check 'em dependencies, and the dependencies dependencies

How I love getting the majority of my packages from AUR

Yes, AUR is a life saver.

It's more a love/hate relationship

It works fine in Arch.

... it was to tempting.


Is this a new type of torture...?

I liked Opera for the longest time, but for some reason I really don't trust a completely free VPN service... I used the compression mode in old-school opera (and opera mobile) when it was/is absolutely necessary, but beyond that... eh, I'd rather not.

I just can't imagine how they'd make money from a completely free, no-logs-keeping VPN (then again, I'm not sure how they make any money in the first place except with partnerships á la Nintendo). And they're probably not doing it just for the lulz and out of generosity (same with Vivaldi, but they have some Venture cap coming in I think).

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