What aio to buy

Interested to buy an AIO cooler for my [email protected] at the moment i am using an Zalman cnp14x http://oi65.tinypic.com/28i45mw.jpg witch is performing very good..... BUT it's so hard to clean it or changing the paste. I need 4 hours do disassemble and assemble it (it's an horror i need to put the entire motherboard out to get the zahlman out). I recently bought an Seidon 120 http://oi68.tinypic.com/27zxamx.jpg witch died after one month of usage (pump died). Is there any 120m AIO that you can recommend for a long and spill free usage over 5 years+ and that is easy to install and maintain like the seidon 120 but not of the pucking cooler master brand?

Arctic cooling's aio is one of the best on the market if you can fit the thicker rad and the pushpull fans I believe they have a 3 year warranty. Other then that 120mm aio really kinda suck if you have space go for a larger 240mm aio or a heatpipe cooler

Avoid 120mm AIOs. And never aim for 5 years at that things, 2 is with luck. Why dont you try a smaller HDT (heatpipe direct touch) cooler? Performace per size (ability to easily dismout and mount) is very nice.

I use one CNPS12X daily haha Zalman power! But I dont often change things on PC.

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I have a Corsair H110i that I am no longer using because I'm preparing to build a custom loop. If you have room for a 280 rad I could sell you mine.



Shipping/customs alone is not worth it for that endeavour .

And i don't like used pc stuff.

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I think i will be buying this http://www.olx.ba/artikal/17566758/enermax-lepa-aquachanger-120/

But my friend's advice me to buy this? http://www.olx.ba/artikal/21135564/alphacool-eisberg-120-cpu/

And no i have only options to mount a 120 aio

And i wouldn't know what HDT to buy that perform at least like my zahlman and that is easy to maintain....

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Do whatever you like best but the lepa is total crap which was the issue with the CM in the first place.
The alphacool I'm sure is a good product and is refillable and expandable from what I heard but I don't think it is in anyway worth the price

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Yes is not easy to know what HDT will give the same performance.

Another vote for Alphacool kit instead of Lepa one.


Hmmmmmmmm i don't know..... Should i?

Ordered it.........

and installation complete