What advantage is there of Linux qualifications?

What actual advantages are there of linux qualifications? Sure you know how to use it to a certain extent but what real world benefits do you get from it?

Thanks in advance!

Not much, but nevertheless, it's better to actually get them. You can get basic qualifications (almost) for free at conventions or in some schools, and learning material is free...

So maybe get LPIC 1 and possibly 2? Mainly for networking, I personally would not mind redhat training but yeah lol, I aint no pro at linux lol 

I have a linux+ cert..  But otherwise I don't have anything other than my ability to show that I know what I'm doing.

Certs and such show that you took the time to get some training and were able to pass a competency exam.  It may get your foot in doors you previously may not have been allowed to enter.

My cert isn't a huge part of my CV, my background and skill sets are. I find if you are able to convey your skills during an interview, gets you further than a stack of certifications.   You still need the ability to sell yourself.


So how would you suggest showing your skills to a employer? Where I live there is not a lot of Linux people, half of them hate the boot screen (text) because it doesnt look pretty like windows, I still want networking etc, but I thought it maybe an addition to showing the skills I have :)

Certs help you get your foot in the door at any larger Linux shop as the jobs can get very competitive. Linux+/LPIC-1 (now the same tests) are very much entry level, but are not a bad starting point. Beyond that, the Red Hat path is the way to go. RHCSA and RHCE are great certifications to have and will make the job hunt much easier; they do not compare to real experience, but should not be ignored either. Keep in mind that Red Hat tests are very different than Microsoft, they are hands-on, task driven tests, not multiple-choice.


As for showing experience, they best thing to do is independent projects. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions.