What 970 should I get?

im getting a GTX 970 but for my budget I need to get the palit Jetstream is this version good? or doesnt it make a difference?


Why are you going with the 970? I would go with a r9 290x. Also I think AMD is about to release the 300 series so I would hold off until they do.

The UK pricing for 290x's isn't as competitive as the US pricing is. I'm assuming he's talking UK stuff since  the palit jetstream mention. Plus it uses way more power and throws a lot more heat around. The 970 even with the janky 500mbs of vram is as fast if not faster then the 290x and a lot cooler/efficient. Plus the new 300 series is said to have the 290x rebranded as the 380x at the same price range it's currently at.   

I have a 970 on the way right now. I went with the "EVGA 04G-P4-2978-KR GeForece GTX 970". I went back and forth between the 290x and 970 but I have always used Nvidia and the 970 is more efficient so i was swayed that way. Also looking at some of the side by side framerate comparisons I just had to do it, even with less memory.