What 7950 cooling should i get ? for overclocking

i live in nz but ill try to order off amazon because ther sooo cheap compared to nz stores if i can only send to australia ill send it to some friends and they can send it over to nz .

what cooling should i get for the 7950 iv seen the his iceq , twin frozr 3, gigabyte windforce, vapour x and duel x.

i want to overclock has much as i can to get a good boost.

thanks for the help :)

For cooling the Windforce x3 is top notch, but most of them are voltage locked. I believe the HIS IceQ or one of the Sapphire cards would get you the highest overclock.

thanks :) what about the twin frozr 3 is that good


i believe the Sapphire and gigabyte cards are locked voltage, not sure about the Asus or various other models but I'm pretty sure the MSI twin frozr and the HIS IceQ X2 are both voltage unlocked, which is good for overclocking.

i v seen on some fourms that the twin frozr is loud when overclocked i might go with the ice q or sapphire vapor x with boost with reviews it seems like the best overclocker.

go with the ice Q, like I said I'm quite sure the vapor X is voltage locked, someone correct me if I'm wrong but that was my advice when I initially decided I wanted to go with this card.

ok so im going to probley go with the his ice q also it comes with 3 game downloads but on utube ther was a guy overclocked a 7950 duel x card and got 20 more fps on bf3. the duel x is cheaper but the ice q comes with free games !!!!

i see ther is a iceQ x2 http://www.amazon.com/HIS-Boost-Clock-Graphics-H795QMC3G2M/dp/B00A6ASRL8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383102174&sr=8-1&keywords=7950+his+iceQ+x2 and iceq http://www.amazon.com/HIS-Boost-Clock-Graphics-H795QC3G2M/dp/B0093I3V88/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383102327&sr=8-1&keywords=7950+his+iceQ

what 1 to get ?

you know for the prices I'm seeing you could just get a iceq 7970... 


Its priced in between those 2 7950 you picked right now on amazon...