What 280x should I get?

I'm in the market for an upgrade from my Radeon 6870 which was a beast while I had it. But is slowing so time to upgrade. I've been following AMD for the longest time and don't plan on changing...my question is what card do you guys think I should (3rd Party stuff) I was looking at the Gigabyte one, asus, MSI but I really don't know what to get...hope you guys could help me out thanks!

The only difference between the cards is the fancy cooling units on them there are all great cards but just depends on which on you think looks cooler.

All of them are mostly the same except for fancier cooling units. If anything, I recommend you wait for the Direct CUII variants 

I ordered the matrix. ill let u know how it is on monday evening. but almost any of them would be good choice

I'm thinking about going with the Sapphire Toxic because of the cooling and power, but all of them are good.

My vote goes to the HIS IceQ x2.


Thanks get back to me on this :D

I went with the MSI R9 280X seems good so far runs cool on idle havent had much of a chance to test it out yet.

MSI R9-280X for the price!! Sapphire R9-280X Toxic for the looks ☺

I highly recommend the Gigabyte flavor. It costs a solid $299, or it did when I bought it, and comes with a base clock of 1050, boost to 1100mhz. I wasn't sure how I felt about the "triangle" cooling or w/e, but man it keep this sucker cool! Never passes 65C man. Lots of room to OC. Now I am having some driver issues, but when it was working, it was screaming fast for the money.

i would choose the msi because of the military grade components, which means better thermal performance on the power delievery parts like the vrm and chokes. asus because they use those parts + digial vrm (more phases what have you)

Thanks everyone for the advice I decided to go with the MSI R9 280x. THanks for all the help ya'll!