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Wget2 for windows?


I’ve been searching google for wget2 binary without success. I found wget for windows, but I would like wget2 for the multi threaded downloading feature. wget2 github has instructions on how to compile for linux, but I’m not sure how to compile for windows, if that’s even possible.

Does anyone know where I can find the binaries or know how to compile wget2 for windows 10?


I would wait for further development for Windows specifically in regards to Wget2 as there are a large amount of issues that bring it’s productive use into question regarding Windows.
Would be my counsel.


wget has been ported to windows andh it is built into the newest powershell.


Wget along with a number of other utilities are already in windows natively.

If you want something specific. Wget2? Over wget. You can use WSL and install it there.


Agree on the WSL and PowerShell v6 combo. Between that and their work with Docker, some folks at work have turned in their MBPs for Win10 Lenovo.

Crazy world, used to be Apple was the main dev market. Dropping the ball on Docker and being late to the party on some other facets has caused them to start losing out, I think.

Off topic Hell, my own anecdote, we have a stubborn client that demanded Windows, installed openSSH on Server 2016 and just used pwsh on OS X or terminal to manage it when Chef wouldn't cut it.


Thought Wget2 for use with Windows was still in an incomplete development cycle integration wise? Hence the large number of compatibility issues that bring production use into question.

Disregard: “Issues” previously mentioned (GitHub) have been resolved as of mid-quarter last year.
Reckon I have a bit more to catch up upon than I thought versus spouting obsolete information from memory.


Very cool. I managed to get WSL enabled, and ubuntu terminal installed. wget2 is compiled and installed :slight_smile:


I’m curious to know how well the newer Wget2 actually works within a Windows install.


I don’t exactly know atm. I originally wanted to try wget2 for the multithreaded dling feature, but couldnt find the option tag for it and im also having issues connecting to my server which has a self signed ssl cert and is password protected. Wget2 seems to just hang without doing anything.