WETM-TV Takes An Inside Look At "Gorilla Glass 3"

PAINTED POST, N.Y. (WETM-TV) - Ever wonder how Corning, Inc. tests their glass to make sure it can survive YOUR cell phone/mobile device mishaps?

WETM got an inside look at the Gorilla Glass Lab in Painted Post to hang out with those who spend their days, breaking glass!

The Gorilla Glass Lab is where the cover glass choice for device manufactures is pushed to its max, day in and day out.

"What we do is break glass, that's our job,” Technology Manager Jon Pesansky said.

We're only allowed to take close up shots in the laboratory.

That's because Gorilla Glass is unlike any other of its competitors, that tend to break...under pressure.

"Literally day to day we have standard tests we run, non- stop with thousands of samples per month,” Pesansky said.

Here at the lab, Corning is testing the new "Gorilla Glass 3."

It's been improved down to the atomic level.

The result?

An ultra light, thin, and very durable glass for your mobile device that is able to withstand deep scratches and cracks.

The testing is all done, right here in our backyard.

"We have satellite labs around the globe and we do the centralized activity here, which is an exciting aspect of being a part of the business,” Pesansky said.

Corning, Inc. officials say “Gorilla Glass 3” will be featured on new devices come mid-2013.

Just think, I live 11 miles from corning. I also know a couple of people working at corning inc

Source: http://www.wetmtv.com/news/local/story/WETM-TV-Takes-An-Inside-Look-At-Gorilla-Glass-3/aaXgVCxDlkKmBCSuaRGRpg.cspx