Wet Laptop, Chance of Survival?

So my friend came back into her bedroom to find her cats knocked over a glass of water on her laptop and it was done. I've since taken it apart and cleaned everything and to inspect for damage, took everything apart completly and cleaned the parts with some light isopropyl alcohol and put it back together and it booted into its bios! atleast 10 times i restarted it just fine! I put it all back together and tried it again and it went to the bios. Set it aside for about 15 mins and went back to it and it wouldnt do anything again. Only the power lights came on for about 10 seconds then turns off again like it did when I got it from her to look at. Any ideas or is it just done? its weird that it would work again soo well then stop with no warning.

how long did you let it dry out before you took it apart?


2 days.

possible shorted mobo. possible bad connection from battery to board and possible fried ram.

first for the battery take out battery plug in powercord try to boot. if it boots bad battery due to water damage. if not if you have another laptop try switching out the ram and try to boot with and without battery in. and pluged in.  if no boot still highly likely the mobo is fryed and  better off getting a new laptop.  it is possible to get new mobo for laptops just dont know where or how much it will run you. not to mention the headace of swaping it out.


well, it sounds like you did everything properly, check all connections, and try new ram sticks... otherwise, you missed something....

I've got it completly apart again, theres no obvious damage visible on the board that I can see and I've got spare ram thats known to be good. I'll clean everything once more just to make sure and try again with some new ram and post back.

dismantle it, put it in a box of rice and check it again in a week

Still doesnt want to post again like it did earlier. I'll give it a few more days and Do what Rinzler suggested and see if it wants to play nice later. If not its trash. Too bad because it was an OK laptop with a i3 in it.