Western Digital vs. Seagate

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I just joined and I'm happy to be here.

To start things off, I am finishing up a new build that I've been doing. Right now, I've been doing a lot of research into HDDs and well, I can't seem to make my my mind about these things.

The top two contenders are basically the Western Digital Caviar Black drives, anywhere from 1TB - 3TB versus the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 (model) drives, again with the same size.

In terms of performance and functionality the two drives are almost identical, as far as I know.

The catch comes from these things that I've read/learned:


-WD has superior warranty (5 years vs. 2 years on Seagates)

-WD has a smaller rate-of-failure, at least recently.

-Seagate drives are much cheaper, possiby due to the shorter warranty (or maybe they are just worse?)

-There seem to be more complaints regarding recent Seagate drives, on various reviews, youtube videos, and forums (OCN, etc).

-On the flipside, some people still swear by Seagate and claim that WD sucks. I simply regard most of these as emotional hearsay. From what I've read, the rate-of-failure should be approximately the same for both companies... or is it?

-Most of the complaints against Seagate and failed drives were from the 7200.11 to 7200.12 models, as far as I know. Past that, there seemed to be less complaints, but it still exists. Just remnants of paranoia from the past?


For easy references, on TigerDirect:

- WD Caviar Black 2TB - $175 USD

- Seagate Barracuda 3TB - $150 USD


If it helps, I have a SSD, and these drives will be in a RAID 1 configuration. Your thoughts on this matter are appreciated. 

I've not used WD before but my Seagate 7200 2TB works fine, haven't had any problems with it.


i would use the wd seagate like you said fails alot so it is not worth the hassal in my opinion and i personally use wd drives unless it is for a client (hate to say it) but it is just a lower quality product in my experience i've had a few fail on me in the years so i won't go near them for myself.

For the desktop PC's Western Digital, laptop drives, seagate

Whoa, fast replies. Figured that although hard drives can and should last longer than five years, if anything does go wrong, not immediately but after two years I'll be fucked if I had a Seagate. Might as well get the premium warranty just in case.

Shit always goes wrong.

Thanks for all the help.


It's almost the same, i had more 2 WD and 2 Seagate on like 10-12 years of computing and none of them was a recent purchase... I personnally buy WD now cause they have better warranty = i'm sure to don't have trouble...

Seagate Barracuda drives with 1TB platters are pretty much as fast as WD Blacks, but cost less, but have shorter warranty.  So it boils down to if you want longer warranty, buy WD, if you don't care, buy Seagete.

Reliability is pretty much the same for both and don't listen to fanboys. 

I like the Seagate MomentusXT product line. But aside from that I will always move to WD, period.

Do your own research and get the better deal for what you are trying to do.

And always remember brand zealots are bad.

i use both never had one of there drives fail yet for builds for me and friends cant go wrong with wd blacks. just get them on sale. for segate drives read the reviews on them they are more hit and miss. some of there 2TB  drives are the worst on the market 

Agree brand zealots are horrible.

Thanks for all the help gentlemen.

I've only had one Seagate drive. It's much smaller (in gb)  than my other hard drives but it runs 6 degrese Celsius hotter.

Also I hear that having 3TB hard drives are bad because of the way the platters are done or something leading to file corruption, but I'm not sure if that's true, I haven't looked into it.

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You can get a WD 3TB green drive from amazon for about $130, I have a bunch of WD drives. They all work perfectly, no fails, no skipping, no crashes... etc. The WD 2TB HDDs are about $100.