Western Digital Black Drives Get New Updates

 The people over at Western Digital have updated the WD Black Series of hard drive. “WD wants you to take those SSD goggles off and listen to what it has to say.”


The WD Black 1TB has performed 26% higher then the last generation of WD Black drives. The WD 4TB brings something new to the plate. WD is going to use a new controller for the next generation of Black Drives, that would be called the HRC(high resolution controller). This makes it possible to double the bits going through the new controller which improves the tracking precision and calculations, which can boast a jaw dropping 48% increase in performance. I find that to be really good in terms for high storage devices.


Two new technologies will come with the new line of Black Drives are Vibration Control and Corruption Protection. These two pieces of technologies will help the drive work more smarter. Thus improving the efficiently and accurately. These drives will also come equip with a 5-Year Warrenty, so look out for the WDx003 in the model number so you can be 100% that you have the newest line of WD Black Hard Drives.


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That's great... But pricesssss!!! That's where it's at.

Might as well grab the cheapest hhd and a decent ssd. Do your stuff on the ssd and when you move on, transfer the files to the hdd.

I'm all in for innovation though.

I remember hearing that WD acquired an SSD manufacturer not that long ago. I think I'll wait to see what comes of that, if anything.

Thank goodness I just gotten a Blue 1tB before the New BLACK comes out!
Other than a new controller, I do wonder what the platter design will change as well?

This is great and all, but my heart belongs to a little beauty named Sarah Marie.  She's only 2.5 inches tall, has plenty of capacity to put up with my gaming addiction, and is at least 10x faster at loading me down with all the cookies I can handle.  Not to mention, she's light-weight, slim, and never gets hot headed.