Weskie's Art Bucket

Anthony Jones, maybe?

If not, I've had it as my avatar a few times on here, Discord, ect. And have posted it a few times.

Unless he just looks like something else.

Stunning looking dragon. Just imagine him textured by a great artist. It would look fire.

Why did it took 6 months to sculpt him? Did you not have much free time working on him?

What does fake GI mean if you don't mind explaining?

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Well, I could texture him. However he'd need to have a retopo and also UVs... then the texturing phase itself will probably take 3 months or so give or take on him, at least to get him up to a decent standard.

Yes, I could probably do a quick paint over inside Zbrush, like I did to the demon. I may do this we'll see. I feel a little strange with this sculpt, he was for a project that I worked on for 10 months and it ended up being pretty much for nothing so he's kinda awesome... but also makes me feel sad at the sametime so finishing his sculpt.. getting a pretty 'clay' render of him was closure of that so to speak.

GI = Global Illumination. So a light point shines light, the rays from the light hit the objects around it to spread light around an object/area:

In Zbrush you have no option for GI, as it's only a basic render' but by placing lights all around the model, rendering them... in Photoshop being smart with screen mode and the opacity you're able to fake the GI, not to mention you can also change the colour grading of the lights inside Photoshop.. leaves you kinda flexible, actually.


Kremath is looking beautiful @weskie . He still has a home if you have a change of heart. He just needs to grow his mustache back ;)


@weskie! long time no see m8, I was wondering, how's the Liz re-texturing thing going? Still working on her?

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Yes! I actually only have the legs to go, then she's ready to be given life. A few things popped up that hindered my progress.... but soon... soon magical things will happen.


Neat man! Can't wait to see her remodelled.

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Here's a little something I'm working on:
So W.I.P!


Little update on this guy. He'll have to hold on a few weeks as another project has popped up.

... But you can see what I'm up to.

Blocking in the hard surface parts inside XSI.

Ready to be Zbrushed, for details!


Will be excited to see the finished product.

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Thank you, I've got a lot of inspiration from the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros pilot/vehicle soldiers, I'm hoping I can re-create something similar. But not a dead clone of it.

.... my file names are amusing.


Small update on this guy, trying to work on him and a few other projects at the sametime!

Some details seem "strong" the reason for that is I need to take into account the game baking process, sub-surface scattering will kill a lot of the more "fine" details so you push them in there harder then usual.

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Been learning some more Marvelous Designer to make more effective clothes patterns ready to be sculpted, as it's pretty much become an industry standard for character artists now. This is what I ended up with, this was all purely done in MD using the default avatar female they had, no sculpting touched the clothes just all simulation. The render was done in MODO, though.


This character is more targeted for a mobile device, so it’s polycount is rather low. It’s brought to life by the very nice materials and lights Lumberyard has to offer.

Some shots of the high res asset:

Here are just some random snaps during a quick look dev:


Still enjoy the art you post here. How have you been doing as of late?

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Nice work! Are these for a game?

Thank you! I’ve been doing good, jumping between a few projects. Sadly, they take such a long time!

I took a break from making my other two more “AAA” models, as they require a lot of time. As in months. So I made the Skeleton guy above just to take a break and refresh my eyes.

Working on theses two:

He’s fully workable to be in a game, but he was just more done for fun since It’s been a while since I made a low-poly mobile character.


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something!

While waiting for Destiny 2 to come out, I made a start on some Destiny fan art. I made this hunter based on various pieces of armor that exist in the first Destiny, so his style is a tad different from the first. Here are some high res shots of his high resolution rendered in Keyshot:

A quick and dirty Hawkmoon model:

There is also a game version of him fully textured, but after Destiny 2 came out and it killed my heart for the game, I pretty much lost all enthusiasm to carry on taking him to that final stage, maybe in the future.

But! Here are some random screenshots I took during the process:


Ooh, goodness it’s been a while. I almost fallen off of the map!

Some WIP shots of him in progress.

Annnnd a fruity one, because why not?


need more weskie 3d art!!! :smiley: