Wendel's monitor desktop mounts

I just bought this: LX Dual Stacking Arm

But unfortunately the height wasn't enough for my screens. The mount that Wendel has, seems to solve this. Anyone know what brand it is?

I've been wondering this as well. Hopefully my bump will help it get seen by Wendel or someone else that can help.

Expensive as fudge; that's what Wendell has.

SpaceCo is kind of an 'old world' company. You have to find a good reseller.. the prices on SpaceCo's website are 'full retail prices' so.. you can find them for less if you have a good supplier. or become a reseller. lol.


They are hands down one of the most indispensable parts of my workstation setups. Office/Other Office/Home Office. They're as important as a good chair or model M. Unbelievable build quality. I hope spaceco is here to stay for quite some time.

Their primary buyers are usually office furniture companies and things like that. So look for a supplier/vendor in your area, usually an office furniture supply company. For "The Office" we bought between 60 and 90 of these spaceco arms from the Lehman Brothers "Liquidation Event" in NJ. ... It was just as epic as you're imagining. The accessories are pretty cheap once you've got the arms themselves. The dual arm/triple monitor rail setup is also not to be missed. It is sweet. The other setup I posted on here last year or the year before is two of the double height trees and 6 monitors. that's my main rig. its in an ollllld thread. 


If you want height, pay attention to the spaceCo "sit stand" option. It changes the elbow joint to be 45 degrees up instead of 90 degrees, which is nice. You can also mount everything on a "space beam" which will raise everything by about 8 inches. 

SpaceCo's other stuff, like under desk cpu mounts and stuff, are also awesome. 



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Is that a victorinox cybertool on the bottom right of this pic? 



Thanks for the info, they seem to have a lot of nice stuff. I'm hoping it wont be too expensive to have it shipped to Sweden.

Sorry for the necro of an almost year old thread but I believe a few months ago Logan confirmed that the monitor arms would be hitting the store when it reopened and that you had enough bulk purchasing power to get the price down below full MSRP.

Any info would be awesome, I'm really hoping to get my hands on these awesome arms. (I've got a sit/stand desk and a steelcase chair so this would be the final piece of the puzzle)

I would be interested in these if there was a good stable supplier.


I thought they were supposed to be in the store. What happened?

Just got my first taste of SpaceCo goodness. Damn, these things are BEEFY. We gotta get this group buy going.

Maybe we can do the preorder thing like we're doing the mass buy? If we order at least 50 of them in total, I can get us a pretty decent discount.

They are available in 3 weight classes as well. The strongest one has no problem holding up an old school 27 imac even.


Do you need qty. 50 of each specific part number or can you just throw an order of 50 total units together? (different colors, etc)

Maybe we could start an interest check thread to gauge a potential group buy? (we do this on geekhack.org when setting up large custom orders from Signature Plastics) Another way to accomplish the same thing albeit more officially would be to do pre-orders through epicpants.

I feel like there are quite a few people who would jump on these arms, they've become quite iconic ;)

I need a solution to the monitor mess.... but being in Australia it's all overpriced for what you get. let us know if a job buy is in the works.
otherwise ill just have to find something like this:
when all else fails go overkil 

If you check out this link it looks like the largest Multi-monitor rail system is for 3 monitors but I'm sure provided all the different types of mounts you could make something work.


Though, without a group buy they're mighty expensive.

I can't figure out where on their sight the double height trees are.

I'm looking at an 4 monitor setup soon, since I already have three and I'm looking to add a single big 1440p monitor. Wanted to have at least one of my 1080 monitors beside it in portrait, (would prefer one on either side in portrait, and one on top in landscape) but have two on top in landscape and one beside it in portrait would suffice.