Wendell's computer controlled mill

I work on/with automotive and other various mechanic and DIY stuff as well as computers and REALLY like the idea of making my own CnC mill of sorts like Wendeel made/is making.

Are you guys do any any episodes or how tos on it?

Maybe someday. There are a lot of options out there. I just have a servo (read: giant steppers) controller strapped to a cheap chinese CNC mill. It works pretty well. Was even able to retrofit a PLA extruder onto the head so I have that option as well.

I am not sure what chinese mill it was -- it was something I got at a swap meet for practically nothing. It's a table top mill, setup for metric, has a work area of about 14 x 6 x 9 . I use Linux for the controller-- the stepper controller is through a parallel port and I believe based on the HobbyCNC schematic/kit. Checkout the home shop machinist or one of those. You can actually pick up good bridgeport mills for pretty cheap now and retrofit those as well. Just have to not be afraid of drilling & tapping some holes in your mill. :)