Wendell where are you

i fucked up badly ... Help
Exhibit A: https://vid.me/B5Ww
Exhibit B: https://vid.me/e9DA
Exzibit C:

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Can't get to windows.Messed up the boot sector. Can't even repair it.

He is on Vacation.

okkk anybody else can help though..

From the looks of it you fucked your install. If you have backups use that if not start over.

Let that be a lesson, have backups and snapshots.

Edit: wait does your linux install have an ESP partion?

i don't know actually. I'll check it but stay in touch i gotta go to work . you could ask me stuff but i can't mess with the pc since im not near it

when you get back home run this plz I have an idea

sudo fdisk -l

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wtf is "vidme" ?

Had problems myself trying to install Anniversary Update. Had TODO backup installed, thought I had my bases covered. Didn't help. Windows said disc had errors and had a tantrum. Had to reinstall windows and lost everything on that boot disc. Fortunately it was just some programs and not unsalvageable data. Windows now officially had developed human traits, namely passive aggressive behavior.
Windows: "Oh, you disabled our all-to-frequent, system-fucking, data collecting updates? Fine. Oh, wait, now you want to install updates? Fine, I'll (I, being Windows) make it as painful and scarring as possible, just to give you something to think about next time you reject any of my "features"."

Video upload without signup . Pretty quick. Maybe there are better alternatives.. let me know

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3 fucking days dealing with this shit

Thanks i will . We'll do this . I have another thread showing how deep we went trying to fix this.