Wendell to be on New Self Hosted Podcast from the good folks at Linux Unplugged (Jupiter Broadcasting)!

I was listening to Linux Unplugged on the way to work this morning and they mentioned the upcoming release of a new Self Hosted Podcast! They also mentioned Wendell will be joining them for episode 2!

If you listen to that podcast, you already know, so you can be excited like me! :smile:

If you don’t listen to that podcast, check it out! They’re always talking about exciting stuff in the open source and Linux world! And also stay tuned for Self Hosted ( https://selfhosted.show/ )! :smiley:


If you like linux podcasts this is the one good one I found

first 10 or 12 episodes you had a nice contrast between someone who has been using Linux for years and a gamer new to linux

Then they switched to a 3 person layout, after only one episode they have really gelled as a team and while the gaming aspect of the podcast has died off for now there is more distro-hopping and more on content creation. They all have what I would call good “radio voices” and good podcast discipline. I hate when I am driving and I have to constantly adjust the volume cause the host moves away from the mic allot.

Good find.

Does it feature Chris Fisher?
His enthusiasm got me into JB. But his gob jaded me to it.
Except BSDNow

Wendell talks to the guys after they recorded